3 thrillers like no other to watch on Netflix

The weekend is the perfect time to catch up on movies of all kinds, available for streaming. To spend a pleasant moment on the couch watching surprising thrillers to watch on Netflix, we recommend the surprising ones Tenet, Stillwater And Mr Wolff.

The action is nice, but sometimes, we can’t say no to a little twist to change the classics of this very popular genre of the seventh art. Fortunately, this type of film largely fills the catalogs of SVOD platforms and there is no shortage of diversity in this area.

Mr Wolff // Source: Warner Bros.
Mr Wolff // Source: Warner Bros.

On Netflix, you therefore have the choice between the race against time of TenetMatt Damon’s trip to Marseille in Stillwater or Ben Affleck accountant version with big arms in Mr Wolff.

Tenet on Netflix, the thriller mixed with time travel

Before the triumph ofOppenheimer at the cinema, alongside barbieChristopher Nolan (Inception) had already filled the theaters three years previously with Tenet. Released in the middle of the Covid pandemic, the film combines thriller, science fiction, espionage and police intrigue in a rather surprising concentrate. We thus follow an unnamed protagonist (not easy, therefore), determined to save the world (how original). So far, nothing really very innovative or exciting. But since the director’s name is Christopher Nolan, there is obviously a twist on the menu: our hero will have to fight an enemy capable of reversing time.

From this initial postulate, Tenet weaves a slightly complex narrative, which requires several viewings to really understand all the ins and outs of this rather special race against time, with John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) and Robert Pattinson (The Batman). But if you’re ready to put your brain to the test in front of a thriller with truly impressive stunts (even a real plane explosion, holy Nolan), then Tenet will be right on time to serve you.

Stillwater on Netflix, the thriller mixed with family drama

See Matt Damon wander the streets of Marseille and fall in love with Camille Cottin (Ten percent), do you like it? This is what we offer you Stillwater, at the crossroads between the police investigation, the family drama and even the social chronicle. A very dense film, therefore, which features the actor of Alone on Mars And Oppenheimer in the role of a former oil driller from the depths of Oklahoma. Her goal: to exonerate her daughter, imprisoned in Marseille, by finding the real culprit of the crime of which she is accused. Along the way, he meets young Maya and her mother, played by Camille Cottin, who helps him in his perilous research.

Directed by Tom McCarthy, to whom we already owed the excellent Spotlight, Stillwater is a much slower thriller than other productions of the genre. For nearly 2h30, the feature film takes the time to establish its rather endearing characters, its central couple, frankly cute, and its plot, vaguely inspired by the true story of Amanda Knox, who strongly criticized the approach . If we sometimes wish the pace would speed up, Stillwater still manages to take us on a torrent of emotions, thanks to the delicate performance of Matt Damon in this role of broken father, but also to the solar aura of Camille Cottin, impressive. A fairly powerful and disconcerting dramatic thriller, which sometimes recalls the heyday of Clint Eastwood’s cinema.

  • To see if you liked: Spotlight ; Prisoners ; Amanda Knox ; Gran Torino ; Mystic River ; Will Hunting ; Promised Land
  • To see if you are looking for: family drama; psychological thriller; police investigation ; justice ; action ; quest for redemption; father-daughter relationships; dark ; romance; golden casting; prison ; social and cultural differences; visit the streets of Marseille; see Matt Damon as an OM supporter

Mr Wolff on Netflix, the thriller mixed with accounting invoices

Christian Wolff is an expert in figures and complicated files. A know-how that he puts to good use in his accounting firm, which is going strong. And for good reason: several of his clients are in reality dangerous mafia organizations around the world. The treasurer then regularly trades his fine suit for guns and bulletproof vest. But when he uncovers an embezzlement of several million dollars in a company, his existence and that of one of his colleagues are seriously threatened…

Led by a Ben Affleck (Batman vs. Superman, The Flash) at the top of his form, Mr Wolff has the particularity of not really presenting very sympathetic good guys against very Machiavellian bad guys, but rather of blurring the lines with a much more nuanced narration. Basically, we don’t really know who the investigator is and who the criminal is in this case, and that’s what makes the feature film so interesting. It’s a little difficult to get into this overly complex story for not much, but once you get into the game, the tension is clearly at its maximum. Only downside (significant): Mr Wolff attempts a rather clumsy representation of autism, which ultimately brings nothing very innovative to the general picture. Damage.

  • To see if you liked: Equalizer; Jack Reacher; John Wick; Leon; Jason Bourne
  • To see if you are looking for: action ; thriller; fighting; investigation ; golden casting; suspense; psychological; character (not very subtle) on the autistic spectrum; chills; cerebral; violence ; solitary hero; hitman ; accountant ; numbers everywhere; see Ben Affleck as a real killing machine
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