3 Tips for Getting Your Work Circulated in the Media

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Collaborators Tania Pimentel / Pamela Cerdera

in interview with Pamela CerdeiraFor MVS News, in ‘Business Tips’, Tania PimentelThe Director of Women Index shares 3 tips for promoting your work in the media.

The expert clarified that contrary to the belief of many, the media is not reserved only for those who have contacts with the director of the media and who can pay for it. “The reality is that we have to start thinking that we can all work to get these places in the media.”

For this reason the director women’s index Shared these 3 tips to spread your work in the media:

  1. “As always, believe that Satisfied What do you want to share? is valuable, The relationship with the media is a win-win, with the media also looking for experts to speak on specific issues and share their inspiring stories or advice.
  2. “Be clear with whom we want to talk, we must meet the audience Whom you want to reach”. Remember to create a profile to identify your target audience.
  3. create one List Too The media you want to appear in Channels or media you consume that are related to your entrepreneurial project. “You have to investigate and now it’s getting easier.”

Finally, Tania Pimentelremembered the importance of implementing 3 Tips for Broadcasting Your Work in the media. Also remember, to add to all this effort, there has to be a presence in the network.

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