3 tips that will boost your elo in League of Legends

League of Legends is a famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game which brings a huge number of gamers every day. This community is composed, like in any other competitive game, by casual and professional players. If you want to reach the highest ranks, time and efforts are needed because there are a lot of aspects to analyze in this game. Here are some ideas you can use to maybe gain much more elo in League of Legends.

Play for the main objectives

High elo players have always prioritized objectives over everything else in League of Legends. In fact, when you can choose between taking one turret or one kill, the turret will be better anyway. Especially during the laning phase, where the tower plates are crucial to give you extra gold. This also created a gold difference after your first recall to the base because you are going to have an item difference against your opponent. Drakes and Baron bonuses have a huge impact as well, so creating plans to secure those objectives are something important, even if you need to miss creeps on your lanes to roam on the map towards them. Of course, farming is important. But League of Legends is a team game so farming creeps will not make you win more games. However, remember to make sure to have a vision control using wards to spot your enemies before engaging on those objectives.
Moreover, pros usually recommend to master at least 3 champions to cover most of the situations and the matchups. Everyone knows that it is easy to only focus on one hero when you are a beginner, but when you become better, it is necessary to extend his champion pool.

Try to find an experienced coach

A real coach can definitely help you get a better general knowledge about different things in League of Legends such as micro (individual mechanics) and macro (your movements on the map). Many players who used coaching to improve their skills noticed a transformation in the way they approach their games. You can already tell you that it can only be a positive experience that can’t make you worse at the game no matter what and can only learn some tricks to you. If you need details about what we talked about in the previous paragraph, then a coach can explain it more accurately.

Boost your account quickly using an elo boost

This process is, without any doubt the easiest strategy to achieve your goals. In fact, elo boosting became something popular in the community, especially once players realized how hard it was to climb the leaderboard. It’s not only time consuming, but also mentally difficult to keep the motivation throughout every League of Legends season. Also, the fact that your elo is reset every time a new season starts doesn’t help to be motivated because you need to start from the very beginning every year.
Moreover, ranks like Diamond or Masters are so high that only 5 percents of players on the planet are able to access this elo, according to websites that give LoL stats like blitz.gg. This is why only those players can become elo boosters to give you elo on your own accounts. So if you are busy with your work or don’t want to acquire enough knowledges to climb by yourself, then elo boosting is the right answer to your case.

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