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Car batteries, when the temperatures begin to drop, the car is taken to the workshop and prepares for winter, which according to many is the most difficult time of the year.

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The procedures preview the tire change, the refilling of liquids, the test of the lights. But sometimes we forget that all this is a constant stress in the first place for the battery.

The statistics from the German automobile club ADAC. 40% of machine failures are in fact caused by the battery. To make sure that your battery is capable of reaching the end of winter, you have to take it to the garage and have it checked.

Car batteries, when they deteriorate the most and why

Winter is the time of year when temperatures are a real problem, especially if it is a car battery, already weak and damaged by its own. In the summer, the batteries face numerous obstacles, so in most cases, they arrive at the end of the season worn out and ready to be replaced.

It is considered that the optimum temperature for the car battery is 20 degrees. This year the temperatures have often reached over 30 degrees, not only in winter, but also in spring. High temperatures discharge the battery and thus cause premature aging of even all electrochemical components.

However, it happens that in the summer everything goes unnoticed, while in the winter the problems start to appear, because that is the moment when the engine needs more electricity to be able to start. That’s why the battery should be tested all year round. Only in this way you can tell if the battery will fail soon, or not. It should be tested every 2-3 months.

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Behavior appropriate for the survival of the battery of your car

The first thing not to do is to keep the car stationary for a long time. This is because the battery supplies power to every piece of the car, even when the engine is off. The spies, lto close the doors, the various electronic systems, the electronic key, satellite navigation, all this needs electricity even while the car is parked.

Especially in winter it is advisable to use the car from time to time, even for short routes. It should be turned on at least once a month.

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