352 million euros to the health authority to cover the expenses of the last quarter: the “fixed malus” returns: 30 euros for those who do not show up for visits

352 million euros to the health authority to cover the expenses of the last quarter: the “fixed malus” returns: 30 euros for those who do not show up for visits

TRENTO. salt to 1 billion 318 million euros the allotment for the functioning of the Provincial Health Service for 2022. “This happened – explained the councilor Stefania Segnana – following the resources made available by the State in 2022 for the recovery of waiting lists, other purposes related to the pandemic and for health care to Ukrainian citizens present in Trentino, as well as the resources made available for contract renewals, vacation allowance and recognition of the third phase Covid Bonus “.

Today the Provincial government, on the proposal of the councilor for health, social policies, disability and family, he assigned to the provincial agency for health services resources for the last quarter, equal to approx 352 million euros. With the new provision they have been approved in these hours the directives for specific sectors of Trentino health care, including first aid, waiting lists and additional assistance.


At the end of the state of emergency, the so-called “fixed malus“Of 30 euros. The amount that people will have to pay they do not show up for booked services (unless canceled by 10 am on the day before the appointment or subsequent valid justification. It was temporarily suspended during the pandemic.


Enhancement of additional hourly services. This is the incentive project that the APSS has launched with the aim of giving shift coverage in the emergency room. The intervention, as an extraordinary measure of a temporary nature from 1 October 2022 to 31 December 2022, aims to address the shortage of medical management personnel.


Provincial law 10/2022 provides for strengthening measures for the recovery of waiting lists until 31 December 2023, with particular regard to specialist assistance services; in detail, the provision provides for an increase in the additional hourly services of medical managers, in order to recover the performance of the areas with the greatest suffering as established by the Operational Plan approved by the Executive last August, as well as the strengthening of the indirect assistance measure intended for citizens who intend to make use of the cost competition for specialist assistance services, extending it to free professional intramural services provided by APSS and other ASL / Aosl specialists.


Expenses for rehabilitation programs in favor of subjects suffering from autism, infantile psychosis, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and / or rare disease, even those enrolled in the Provincial Health Service residing in the province of Trento for less than three yearsif the residence in the province is a direct consequence of a transfer of office in the workplace certified by the employer.


The intervention for the personale of the voluntary associations for medical transport. The Healthcare Company is given a mandate to take action for the transfer, to the affiliated voluntary associations for healthcare transport, of the resources aimed at providing employees with the qualification of technical driver operator, of the allowance for infectious diseases as well as of the allowance one-off ancillary nature – so-called Phase III Covid Bonus – according to the same criteria established for the driver technical personnel of the Trentino Emergency Unit TE118.

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