39-year-old arrested for kidnapping

LIGNANO – In the night between Friday and Saturday, the Trieste Police arrested a 39-year-old Bengali for the crime of kidnapping of an 18-year-old Serbian girl, his employee. The Steering Wheels of the Trieste Police Headquarters intervened in Via Palestrina, following a report, of a person who reported being worried about one of his friend who, by sending messages to the cellualre, asked for help, claiming to be on the motorway, towards Trieste, against her will and on board a car with a man she knew.

The car reported was crossed by the crew of the Volante who, after reversing the direction of travel, set off in pursuit of the vehicle and then stopped it, with the assistance of the other patrols who had arrived in the meantime. The driver of the car, on Friday night, after the work shift, he had in fact offered to give the girl a ride home in the locality of Lignano Pineta but, against her will, he had headed for the motorway towards Trieste. Useless were the repeated requests and pleas of the young woman to make the driver desist from take it elsewhere and not to Lignano Pineta. The girl then told the police that the man, his employerin recent times it had proven itself very insistent in wanting to enter into a sentimental and physical relationship with her, also offering her money for the services she had always refused, postponing everything because she needed to work to support herself. Once they arrived at the Police Offices, the man was first subjected to a personal search in flagrance and then to the seizure of his mobile phone, from whose sms chat between him and the young woman, a particular interest also morbid and insistent on the girl. The 39 year old was arrested and conducted at the Udine prison at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

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