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The CARD ALL, discount card, joined the RaiaDrogasil network to prepare a special action for Father’s Day 2022. From August 06th to 14th, people who join the ALL Card (by app, website or teleshopping) will receive 100% cashback when they make their first purchases of up to R$100, at one of the 1,400 pharmacies in the RaiaDrogasil chain.

The special Father’s Day action is part of the successful partnership between the Cartão de Todos and the RaiaDrogasil network, which is about to complete one year, in 2022. During this period, both companies have joined forces to ensure greater accessibility to medicines and other pharmacy items, for C and D classes, the main population served by the Card. Through discounts that reach 70% and cashbacks that reach 35% of the value of purchases made, Card members, who represent 7% of the national population, can buy more products for less.

The purpose of the action is to remind Brazilian families that, especially in these difficult times of a pandemic, family health is the greatest asset one can have; and that taking care of oneself and having access to a decent consumption of medicines and essential products means having a better quality of life and more fullness for living well alongside the people you love. In addition, the 100% cashback promotional campaign with the RD network, exclusively for new members in their first purchases in the period, allows the choice of numerous gifts for parents in the areas of beauty, perfumery and personal care, with a range of excellent products, which are great options to gift parents.

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