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There are many students who wonder how they should take logarithms or know the periodic table of elements. No doubt, these will be aspects that will become part of their daily lives if they decide to become engineers or chemists or biologists in the future. But this knowledge is essential for anyone who has even the slightest interest in knowing what the world they live in is like and how it works. As well as scientific and technological progress, which is achieved at high speed. Therefore, improvement in the dissemination of science is necessary. And, in this matter, social networks are essential help.

Perhaps reading textbooks, which are often dense, is not the best option to encourage learning about these areas. A lighter and more attention-grabbing approach is needed. That’s why some YouTube channels dedicated to scientific dissemination are finding so much success. They provide a new way of interpretation with audiovisual and schematic material, more current and with which it is easier for the audience to connect. These are some of the channels of scientific dissemination that are worth knowing.

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Mathematics represents one of those subjects which often gives headache to the students. For this reason, many would question whether a YouTube channel devoted entirely to this science could be fun. But that’s actually the case for Derivando by Eduardo Saenz de Cabazon. In his over two hundred videos, he explains all kinds of concepts related to mathematical issues. In addition to explaining and analyzing problems of special interest. He also tells many curiosities about this science. All this in a very relaxed and light way.


A fundamental channel to learn about biomedicine and the human body, related to aspects of genetics, microbiology, metabolism or immunology. Some videos on the La Hiperactina channel explain how some viruses work, such as HIV, as well as the characteristics of cancer. Or what is the effect of space on the body.

quantum fracture

One of the most popular science channels in Spanish on YouTube, with more than three million subscribers and almost three hundred videos. Nuclear fusion, Newton’s laws, subatomic particles and all kinds of scientific theories and personalities from this branch of knowledge, just some of the topics that can be found on this channel.

geological heritage

Videos on the CdeCiencia channel focus on Geology and other related events. How monster waves are generated, plate tectonics, the explanation of geological cuts or even what types of volcanic eruptions exist are talked about.

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