4-Hills-Tournament Bischofshofen 2022 – broadcast on TV and online on the Internet. Where to watch ski jumping?

Watch the Four Hills Tournament on TVN, Eurosport and Eurosport in Player

This is not a dream 4-Hills-Tournament for Polish jumpers. In Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, three White-Reds scored points, but neither joined the fight for the podium.

In Monday’s qualification for the competition in Innsbruck, Andrzej Stękała was the best, who was 18th. In addition to him, Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Paweł Wąsek and Dawid Kubacki were promoted to the competition. Kamil Stoch was missing from the top 50, taking only 59th place.

On Tuesday, however, the Bergisel competition did not take place because the wind was too strong. The organizers announced that the competition will be moved to Wednesday, and the competition will be held in Bischofshofen.

On January 5, one training series, qualification and KO competition will be held on the Paul Ausserleitner hill.

At the same facility, the competitors will compete three more times. On January 6, the last competition of the 4-Hills-Tournament will take place, and on January 8 and 9, the World Cup competition will be held.

Ski jumping Bischofshofen 2022. Where to watch?

Wednesday’s jumping will start with official training at 11.30.

At 1.00 p.m. the start of the qualifications, which will be broadcast on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport in Player.

The main competition will be held at 16.30. Broadcast on TVN, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport on Player.

Results and live coverage in eurosport.pl.

* Bischofshofen

Wednesday, January 5
11.30 Official Training
13.00 Qualifications (Eurosport 1 i Player)
16.30 The first competition series (KO) (TVN, Eurosport 1 i Player)

Thursday, January 6
14.30 Qualifications (Eurosport 1 i Player)
17.30 The first competition series (KO) (TVN, Eurosport 1 i Player)

place player (country)
1. Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 593.2
2. Marius Lindvik (Norway) 580
3. Lovro Kos (Slovenia) 575.5
4. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) 572.1
5. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) 563.4
6. Karl Geiger (Germany) 560.9
7. Robert Johansson (Norway) 559.8
8. Stephan Leyhe (Germany) 530.5
9. Jan Hoerl (Austria) 527.3
10. Daniel Huber (Austria) 526.1
22. Piotr Żyła (Poland) 378.5
25. Jakub Wolny (Poland) 370.5
32. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 343.5
39. Paweł Wasek (Poland) 241.8
45. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 214.5

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Source: eurosport.pl

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