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A very good jump by Dawid Kubacki! 134.5 meters and high marks – finally something positive for our experienced competitor. With a total of 135 points, Kubacki took the lead. Way to go!

Hayboeck’s 131 meters give him a certain advance. He is third in the field.

119 meters of Trofimów is good news for Wolny and Narrow. However, a few more players have to spoil their attempts.

Finally, a longer jump – 133 meters of the Austrian Aigner. You can do well in the present conditions.

Villumstad only reached 123 meters, but still overtook the waiting Poles.

Another Pole, Jakub Wolny, unfortunately not much better. 123.5 meters is a poor distance. The wind has died down and this affects our performances. It is in 15th place. We may not see him in the competition series.

Paweł Wąsek did not reach the construction point. 123 meters and quite low marks. There may be a promotion problem. He is currently in 14th place, fifth in the waiting.

131 meters Wohlgenannt. An Austrian also qualified.

After Nazarov’s weak jump, Stękała was promoted.

The same distance was reached by Bulgar Zografski. Fifth position.

Turek Ipcioglu in eighth place after a jump of 129.5 meters.

Andrzej Stękała’s good jump. He reached 130 meters and had good marks. He is fifth so far, with a real chance of promotion.

Unfortunately, the judges lower the inrun before Andrzej Stękała’s jump. 11 beam.

135.5 meters of Bresadoli. Another long jump. The Italian took advantage of the strong wind from the bottom of the hill. It has the third place.

We are waiting for the first Poles.

132 meters from Slovenian Mogel. He has fourth place.

Fin Nousiainen reached 130 meters in similar wind conditions.

Norwegian Bjoereng used the wind from the bottom of the hill. He gained 133 meters and is in third place.

Roman Koudelka showed off. The Czech jumped 135 meters. I don’t think he expected it himself. Maybe the Czech will finally have World Cup points this season. Koudelka is the leader for now.

Romanian Cacina will not be a sensation today either – after a weak jump of 110.5 meters.

The Korean Choi jumps weakly – 102 meters.

124.5 meters of the Italian Insam. This is the third qualifying distance. He is also in third place and will probably take part in the competition.

A decent jump by Kazach Muminov. 118.5 meters is the sixth distance so far.

The new leader of Ziga Jelar. The Slovene scored 131 meters and a total of 126.6 points.

Eurosport journalists comment on the situation in Bischofshofen.

Watch it

Merk and Formela before qualifying for the 2nd competition in Bischofshofen

Video: Eurosport Merk and Formela before qualifying for the 2nd competition in Bischofshofen

American Larson is also weak – 103 meters.

Czech Sakala has a very bad season. A jump of 106 meters will not give him a promotion.

Fina Aalto 120 meters. There is a third. Lackner is driving all the time.

Turek Cintimar took 106 meters from his jump. Kazach and the Ukrainian were overtaken.

Even weaker performance of the Ukrainian, Waskul. It was only 98.5 meters long and it is now the last one.

Kazakhstan Tkachenko is currently the last one. 105.5 meters could not be successful.

Lackner did the best, jumped 125.5 meters and is now the leader with 114.9 points.

The first Steiner was only 116.5 meters.

First a few Austrians.

We’re starting qualifying.

Today the jumpers will start from the thirteenth beam. Low. The wind blows in the backs of the players.

Recall that TCS has a KO system – based on the results of the qualifications, 25 pairs are created (according to the key: 1st of the 50th, 2nd of the 49th, etc.). Their winners and five “lucky losers” will advance to the final series.

Five Poles will compete in the qualification: Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Andrzej Stękała, Paweł Wąsek and Jakub Wolny.

The qualifications will be available for viewing in Eurosport 1 and Player. The competition will also be broadcast on TVN.

Biało-Czerwoni, who did a great job in previous years, do not play any important roles in TCS this time. The best of them – Piotr Żyła – takes 19th place (255.9 points behind the leader). Kamil Stoch, a three-time TCS winner, was withdrawn from the event on Monday.

In the tournament classification, Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi is ahead of Norwegian Marius Lindvik by 17.9 points, and his compatriot Halvor Egner Granerud by 38.7 points.

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