4 may have been accidentally revealed

Following the huge success of Spider-Man: No Homecomingthe next movie of the arachnid hero is already being prepared by Sony.

However, the great villain of spiderman: 4 may have been revealed by the actor Jacob Batalon. On his Instagram, the interpreter of Ned Leeds posted a photo in which he holds a doll Elf Macabre.

Jacob Batalon in Instagram story
Jacob Batalon in Instagram story (Playback / Instagram)

In the comics, Jacob’s character is one of several who have already taken on the villain’s mantle and, off-screen. And, outside the screens, the actor had already revealed his desire to see the Hobgoblin in the Marvel movies.

Because of this connection, many fans are increasingly convinced that Jacob Batalon can play a version of the Elf Macabre in Spider-Man: 4. The rumors, of course, have not been commented on by the actor, Sony or Marvel.

Hobgoblin in the Marvel comics.

Although the new film has not yet got off the ground, Sony president Tom Rothman has already commented that he wants to see the actors Tom Holland and Zendaya, just like the director Jon Watts, in sequence.

No Return Home will win a new special version in theaters

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Homecoming

Recently, Sony caused quite a stir on social media by announcing the return of Spider-Man: No Return Home to cinemas, this time in an extended version.

According to the studio itself, the new screening will have several deleted scenes from the original film, as well as some extended takes and alternate versions of scenes that were for the official film.

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire (Reproduction)

Therefore, the new film was dubbed The More Fun Stuff Versionor in translation into Portuguese, the funniest version. And while the film’s new length has yet to be revealed, it’s possible to expect a screening. by 20 minutes longer than the original film.

That’s because only the deleted scenes that went to the Blu-ray version of the movie already add up to 15 minutes. So, The More Fun Stuff Version can last around 2 hours and 43 minutes.

So far, Sony has confirmed that the extended version will be shown in theaters in the United States and Canada in September, while Brazil and other countries have yet to get a date.

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