4 new Nokia phones on new renderings. This is probably the end

Nokia will soon present 4 new phones, and today we got to know their appearance. It’s hard to laugh at this, because kicking someone who is lying down is no fun. Seriously, I saw a nicer phone in 2015 – and it’s in the middle shelf.

There are times when browsing for new leaks when our hands just drop. This is usually the moment when we see a product that will soon enter the market, and even two years ago would be outdated. Unfortunately, this is the sentence that best describes it 4 new Nokia smartphones. I don’t know when they will debut. I don’t know who will buy them. And I don’t know how Nokia’s designers could let it happen.

Let’s start with the first edge of the model. It looks like a cheap plastic medium from 2018, maybe even 2017. The frames are incredibly thick, the phone has no (!) Fingerprint reader, although it would fit two on the chin. There is an unnecessarily large island of a single camera in the cut-out in the plastic housing. If this “smartphone” costs more than $ 80, good luck.


Nokia N151DL / photo: Evan Blass

In the second case, it is slightly better. The design reminds me of a Redmi 8A crossroad, and the camera island is an offshoot of the new realme mediums. This is progress because we are already in 2019. Here at least the frames on three sides are quite thin, but the big chin is not going anywhere. There must have been the manufacturer’s logo on it, as if belonging to their portfolio was not obvious at first glance.


Nokia N150DL / photo: Evan Blass

This Nokia is the ugliest smartphone I’ve seen in years

Did you think the first model looks bad? Then you were right, but Nokia is not slowing down at all. We can look at an even bigger monster. Here we enter more or less in 2017, when screens with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 began to replace the 16: 9 aspect for good. The Finnish producer gives us a trip to the past – a single camera, airports above and below the screen and a loudspeaker on the back (!) Of the housing. If you missed muffled sound after laying on the couch, then this phone is for you.


Nokia N153DL / photo: Evan Blass

Don’t worry, this is the last “novelty” that Nokia is preparing for us in the coming months. I must admit here that I quite like the back panel in this shade of gray. There is nothing original about it, but it is minimalistically aesthetic. The side frames are fine too, I like the small buttons and the ingenious reader on the side of the housing. So what, since all the spell shatters after the first glance at the front. I swear, I have no idea why that chin has to be so colossal every time.


Nokia N152DL / photo: Evan Blass

These smartphones look bad even against the background of the recently presented Nokia G300, and this is quite an achievement. This is a phone intended only for the USA, but it gives some idea of ​​the direction taken by the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia G300 officially. A beautiful smartphone, but will it beat Xiaomi and realme?


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