40 years later ET here she is in a video demolishing her kitchen

We find the protagonists of ET 40 years after the release of the film engaged in very different things. While Elliott Henry Thomas goes into horror movies, little Gertie, Drew Barrymore, goes into renovations by hammering down her kitchen in a video.

It’s funny that precisely in the year in which 40 years are celebrated since the release of ET The extraterrestrial (December 7, 1982), the protagonists of the time return in one way or another protagonists of social networks or in any case of news. Days ago we saw Elliott, that is Henry Thomasin the horror trailer Crawlspace and today we find again Drew Barrymorethe delightful Gertie from the film, struggling with an invigorating and … restructuring activity, namely the demolition of her kitchen, in a video posted by herself on Instagram.

Drew Barrymore hammers his old kitchen

What to say? Everyone has fun as he wants and Drew Barrymore in the caption accompanying the video, which portrays her hammering out her pink kitchen, she says “don’t pay attention, I’m having a blast!”. In fact, it could be a cheaper and more relaxing solution, also useful for venting repressed energies, that of doing it yourself, assuming you have the strength, instead of having the workers do it. From a business point of view, Barrymoreaccording to the little information available online, she is engaged as a director (after her debut with Whip It! of 2009), in the shooting of the film Surrender Dorothy.

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