43-year-old monkeypox patient tells what it was like to have the disease

Smallpox of monkeys in Italy and Europe

The social story of Jeffrey Todd, 43, from Hollywood, California, tested positive for monkeypox in July: “” I noticed that I had a pimple on my right cheek, then other symptoms came. “

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Smallpox of monkeys in Italy and Europe

The first wound skin appeared in mid-July on the right cheek. But Jeffrey Todd, 43-year-old from Hollywood, California, she never would have thought it was monkeypox.

Yet, after the diagnosishe decided to tell the disease on his social networks, from the beginning until the recovery.

“I noticed that I had like a zit on the cheek and had this very strange looking white raised circle around it, it looked like a recess, a bit like a crater, “explained Todd, in an interview with ABC News.

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At that point, after reading the cases of monkeypox also on the rise in the US, where it was later declared a public health emergency, did a research on Google.

“One of the images I found looked exactly like the stain I noticed on my cheek,” he continued, adding that in the following days those lesions also appeared on his cheek. armon the back It is on neck.

But others have also appeared symptoms, such as back pain, leg pain and fatigue.

Todd underwent the test for monkeypox for the first time on July 13, but the results didn’t come right away. And that’s how he found out he was positive for the virus.

The man, who said he was gay, explained that he was contacted by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. He believes he contracted the virus during an event over the weekend of Pride to Los Angeles at the end of June.

“I was at a party, we were dancing,” he said. “It was indoors. It was hot, I was very sweaty. It was really packed that place – with a lot physical contact and closeness to people. So it seems likely to me that the infection happened there “.

Todd, who stayed in forty for 28 days, he made several videos showing the evolution of his condition, sharing them on Instagram And TikTok. He also took the opportunity to invite his friends to get vaccinated.

“I get angry when people take this disease under the leg, thinking it is a trivial chickenpox. It is not. And it has left visible marks on my face. I do not want anyone else to experience what I have suffered,” he concluded.

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