5 billion people would starve. The study in Nature

A nuclear war between United States And Russia would cause 5 billion deaths. Consequence of famines in the two years following the outbreak. Simply put, two thirds of the world’s population would die of hunger. While if the nuclear conflict were to take place between India and Pakistan, and therefore not global, up to 2.5 billion deaths would occur. These are the results of the study published in the scientific journal Nature led by Lili Xia, a researcher at Rutgers University in New Jersey, in the United States.

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Nuclear war between Russia and the United States, what consequences

Why does such a war cause so many deaths? The outbreak of a nuclear weapon produces more than 5 billion grams of soot e “it can cause huge food shortages in all countries” and “threaten food security” around the world, putting the survival of billions of people at risk. The search for him, entitled Modeling global care and associate deaths from nuclear Weapon Detonation, analyzes the impacts of a nuclear bomb and the emission of soot into the atmosphere. According to his calculations, an event of this size would have as a direct consequence the shortage of food in the world and the increase in deaths related to famine.

Ocean temperatures would drop

As explained in the study, a nuclear detonation would cause countless fires and inject an “enormous” amount of soot into the atmosphere, which “would block the sun’s rays, which could not reach the earth’s surface.” This situation would cause the crops not to receive the amount of light necessary to carry out photosynthesis. Furthermore, ocean temperatures would also drop rapidly and it would be difficult for them to return to their previous state.

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