5 celebrity podcasts to listen absolutely

Kim Kardashian is about to enter the world of podcasts and, in a few months, he will have his own true crime-themed show.

The founder of Skims is known for dictating trends, but not in this case because there are already many celebrities who have conquered the main streaming listening platforms.

Here are 5 podcasts to add to your Spotify library right away.

PRETTY BIG DEAL by Ashley Graham

Perhaps today we would not be talking about body positivity, without her: model Ashley Graham. Certainly, her story has made school, but above all her ability to break barriers and taboos. This is exactly what the model’s podcast is about who, during the episodes, makes use of the participation of her friends, other strong women who, in their own environment, have managed to fight and prevail over prejudices.

WELCOME TO THE OCBitches by Melinda Clarke and Rachel Bilson

When it comes to TV series, the first that comes to mind (at least for us millennials) is only one: OC. Since we are incurably nostalgic, we can’t miss the opportunity to listen to a podcast, presented by Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke, in which they talk about all the curiosities of the show, through the voices of the protagonists. At the end of the episode, you’ll find yourself belting out Californiaaaaa.

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