5 curiosities about the first film in the series

Dated 2001, the first chapter of the successful film saga “Fast & Furios” is broadcast today, August 30, in prime time on Italia 1. An opportunity to discover some curiosities inherent in a film which, to date, has had 8 sequels (the ninth will be released in 2023) and a prequel.

Fast & Furious: 5 curiosities

– The late Paul Walker, who died in 2013 at the age of 40 from an accident, owes much of his fame to the “Fast & Furious”. Yet initially he was not supposed to play the role of Brian O’Connor. In fact, the shortlist of eligible actors included Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and even the rapper Eminem. Less famous than the other candidates, Walker was however the chosen one.

– Most of the time behind the wheel of the car challenges, which take place during the first film of the series, there are stunt doubles: real car drivers. The production has announced the number of cars used for filming the first chapter: they are 1500!

– By a strange case of fate, the protagonists of the first chapter of the saga, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, did not have a driving license when they were cast for their respective roles. Being able to obtain it became a goal for the two: they succeeded, practically on the eve of filming.

– Rob Cohen, the director of the first chapter of the saga, makes a fleeting appearance in his ‘Fast & Furious’: we can indeed see him in a cameo, in the role of the pizza boy.

– In a sequence of ‘Fast & Furious’ director Rob Cohen openly quotes himself: the scene is set in Toretto’s house, where we see a TV on. The film that is seen on the screen is ‘Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story’, made in 1993 by the same director.

Where to see Fast & Furious on TV and streaming (August 30, 2022)

Fast & Furious airs today, August 30, from 21:20 on Italia 1 and (in live streaming and on demand) on the Mediaset Infintiy platform.

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