5 figures of young queer cinema to follow closely

At 23, she plays the leading role in the series The Opera on OCS; burst the screen in The return by Catherine Corsini (released this summer) as a young adult experiencing her first relationship with a girl; landed a queer role in Poor Creatures by Yórgos Lánthimos (released January 17, 2024) with Emma Stone; co-founded the ADA, the Association of Actors which fights, among other things, to make filming safer.

Your journey?

I don’t know if I always wanted to play. I think this desire came gradually during high school. I felt a need for expression different from those to which I had access but which perhaps did not completely suit me. After my first castings, the desire and need to act was clear. I went to medical school, but after an unsuccessful first year I wanted to try cinema.

I shot a first film during the summer of 2019, then I returned to my studies. I quickly fell in love with the series. The Opera and since then I’ve almost only thought about that. When I’m not playing, I miss it immensely; and when I play I forget everything. After two years of shooting exclusively, I missed school. So, I decided to resume my biology studies remotely. Today, I believe that gaming is what I envisioned myself in in high school.

Do you think “queer is the future”?

The term “queer” has, in my opinion, the capacity to encompass and celebrate a range of identities perceived as “non-conforming” to the norm, marginalized, invisibilized and not given voice in dominant discourses. It also allows us to continually question the normal and go beyond it. This term underlines the plurality of identities, but also the way in which the systems of power and domination in place attempt to reduce individuals to restricted categories. It contains the importance of resistance and collective solidarity for a more inclusive, just and less violent future.

By recognizing the different dimensions of identity and oppression, we understand the experience of individuals, essential to building an inclusive, egalitarian, just future. Also being a black woman, I cannot think that only “queer” is the future. I grew up without representation of black queer people, I only find it today. I hope that, in the future, despite everything seeming distant, racialized (here, the term reminds us that race is a social construction and not a scientifically recognized biological characteristic) and queer individuals will have the floor. For this, autonomous education in anti-racism and inclusiveness is essential and the perpetual responsibility of all. However, queer will only be the future if it is also green.

Your projects ?

In January, the film Poor Creatures by Yórgos Lánthimos will be released in cinemas. I also acted in the film Drift by Anthony Chen, as well as in the film My France To Me by Benoît Cohen, which will be released soon. Series Everything is fine created by Camille de Castelnau, in which I appear, will also be released soon on Disney+. This year I worked with Jérémie Sein for his next film, The Coubertin Spiritand with Florian Gallenberger on his next feature A Perfect Match.

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