5 films of 2022 that the public appreciated more than the critics

Sometimes it almost seems as if critics and audiences haven’t seen the same film: here are five films from 2022 that moviegoers appreciated more than film critics.

5 films of 2022 that the public appreciated more than the critics

It often happens that before you see a new movieviewers turn to sites like Rotten Tomatoes to see if the film in question has been praised or rejected by the criticism cinematic. In most cases the opinions of the public are mostly in line with those of “expert” reviewers from sites like Rotten Tomatoes, however, there are also times when the audience’s judgment is vastly different from that of the critics.

The Gray Man Ryan Gosling Photo Credits Stanislav Honzik 2

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in a scene from the film

In the case of The Gray Man, on the other hand, the two realities are not only conflicting but there is a substantial difference of almost 50 points between the scores of the critics and those of the public. This far from marginal difference has affected a large number of films released so far in the 2022, including Black Adam, a film that has deeply divided pundits from viewers, registering a gap of 51 points between critics and audiences. Let’s look at some of this year’s headlines that lead us to think that the two categories of people must have seen two different films.

1. Black Adam – 39% Critics, 90% Audience

Black Adams 4

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson in a close-up

The long awaited Black Adams was released in October 2022 and became an instant hit, although it received mixed to negative reviews from critics. Despite this divergence, the first film in which Dwayne Johnson embodies a superhero climbed to number one at the box office during its opening weekend, grossing a whopping $67 million.
On the Rotten Tomatoes page dedicated to Black Adams, the film, which also saw the highly anticipated return of one of DC’s greatest heroes in the end credits sequence, is currently rated 39% by critics to 90% by audiences. The site’s critical consensus essentially states that the film, “a real disappointment“, however suggests that “the future will be exciting for DC movies“.

Black Adam, the DC superhero against American colonialism

2. The Gray Man – 46% Critics, 91% Audience

The Gray Man Photo Credits Paul Abell 2

The Gray Man: a scene from the film

Joe and Anthony Russo have directed some of the best Marvel movies that have almost always been well received by critics and audiences alike, but the same cannot be said of their 2022 Netflix movie titled The Gray Man: despite the huge budget, the spy thriller with Ryan Gosling it has created an abysmal divide between professional and spectator opinion.
According to The Gray Man’s Rotten Tomatoes page, only 46% of critics liked the film, while 91% of audiences literally loved following the story of the characters played by Gosling, from Chris Evans and the rest of the cast. The only film directed by the Russos to score higher in audience opinion is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which scored 92%.

The Gray Man: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in the hottest action movie of the summer

3. Don’t Worry Darling – 38% Critics, 74% Audience

Dont Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling: Florence Pugh and Harry Styles

After months of litigation related to Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf, to the relationship between the director and Florence Pugh and at Harry Styles’ spit-gate, Don’t Worry Darling finally hit theaters in September giving audiences what critics have dubbed a “confusing psychological thrillerUpon release the film received negative reviews, although Pugh’s performance was universally praised.
Rotten Tomatoes currently gives the Wilde-directed film a 38% critics score, while the audience score is 74%. The general consensus from viewers is that the cast has managed to allay any doubts surrounding Don’t Worry Darling’s ending, which certainly isn’t for everyone.

Don’t Worry Darling, the review: nothing under the dress

4. Amsterdam – 33% for critics, 62% for the public


Amsterdam: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, the protagonists of the new film by David O. Russell

The star-studded movie mystery comedy by David O. Russell, about three friends sailing in post-war Europe, was another of the films that this year was not well received by critics and, in this case, not even at the box office. The incredible performances of the likes of actors Christian BaleMargot Robbie and John David Washington were not enough to save O. Russell’s new project.
On Rotten Tomatoes Amsterdam it has a 33% critics score, even though the audience score is 62%. But, unlike the previous titles, here audiences and film critics agreed on one aspect: the film is extremely complex and everyone seems to have pointed out that the story is too difficult to follow and that it requires considerable effort by the viewer.

Amsterdam, the review: what’s up with David O. Russell?

5. Ticket to Paradise – 56% Critics, 88% Audience

Ticket To Paradise Julia Roberts George Clooney 3

Ticket to Paradise: Julia Roberts and George Clooney in a sequence

In October 2022, Julia Roberts and George Clooney they are back together on the big screen thanks to the release of the romantic comedy titled Ticket to Paradise. The film received mixed reviews, although many critics praised the performances of the two leads and the joyous nature of the story.
The Ol Parker-directed flick didn’t get certified”Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes due to its 56% critics’ rating, but viewers have decided to protest by giving the film an 88% rating. Both critics and audiences have pointed out that what is what is certain is that laughter is always guaranteed with the Roberts/Clooney duo.

Ticket To Paradise, the review: George Clooney and Julia Roberts, what else?

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