5 Habits You Should Follow Now to Be Happier in 2024

taking this into account Happiness is a road, not a destination, we can maintain certain habits in our lives that lead us into a process that produces happiness and well-being. Suppose happiness is equated to a lifestyle. If you want to feel better this year, add these habits that will make you happier to your list of resolutions.

Living in the moment

It is important to maintain this habit to avoid the painful feeling of life slipping through your fingers.The technology Mindfulnessor live in the moment, It involves focusing your attention and awareness on the here and now, rather than getting carried away by the past or the future.. Living in the present allows us to enjoy every moment, cherish what we have, face problems with a more calm and optimistic attitude, and realize our potential.

Living in the present moment is a continuous learning process that allows us to grow, dare, be more grateful and generous, and improves our confidence and self-esteem.return It is a great remedy for stress and anxiety. If there’s one adjustment you should make this year to improve your health, it’s this.

To develop this habit, you can start with meditation a few minutes a day, and gradually increase. There are many guided meditations on the internet to help you get started on this path.

Meditation helps us focus on the present moment

Meditation is a great tool to help us focus on the present moment. (pixels)

do excercise

This may seem like a typical statement, but it’s less about achieving a so-called normative body and more about actually having a greater sense of happiness in life. Exercise is one of the best ways to take care of our physical and mental health. We don’t get tired of repeating it. When we exercise, our bodies go through a series of physiological changes that improve our health and mood.

It increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to tissues, especially the muscles, brain, and heart. This can improve physical performance, cognitive function, and prevent cardiovascular disease. But let’s talk about something important to us in this article: emotional health.Conducting sport exercises Promotes the release of hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and enkephalins. These chemicals give us feelings of euphoria, joy, contentment, calmness, and happiness. They also help us reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

return strengthen immune system, which protects us from infection and inflammation. Exercise stimulates the production of cells and antibodies that fight pathogens and harmful substances. Promotes the elimination of toxins and free radicals through sweating and breathing.

Exercise releases feel-good hormones

When we exercise, our brains release hormones of joy and happiness. (pixels)

sleep more

Many times, we sacrifice a few hours of sleep to complete millions of tasks that seem to be pending.This is one of the dangers multitaskingwe are getting less and less sleep, and the situation is getting worse. Getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a day should be your first goal Feeling more awake and relaxed in the morning.

when we sleep, Our bodies and minds perform basic functions Help us improve quality of life:

  • memory consolidation and learning. Sleep allows us to repair and reorganize information acquired during the day, promoting memory and knowledge.
  • Regulate appetite and metabolism. It helps us maintain hormonal balance, affecting our feelings of hunger and fullness, as well as energy and glucose use.
  • Improve physical and mental performance. Provides the recovery and energy needed to face daily activities with greater efficiency, focus, creativity and agility.
  • Prevent disease and strengthen the immune system. Sleep protects us from problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cognitive decline and depression. Additionally, sleep improves our defenses against infection and inflammation.
  • Development of social and emotional intelligence. It allows us to regulate our emotions and improve our mood, thereby affecting our self-esteem, empathy, communication and getting along with others.

Sleep is more than just rest, it’s an investment in our health and well-being, It allows us to enjoy a fuller, happier life.

Good sleep improves mental health

Try to sleep at the recommended hours to avoid feeling tired, irritable, and sad. (pixels)

Get more exposure to the sun and integrate into nature

Who doesn’t feel better on a sunny day? Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, a happiness hormone, which affects our mood, appetite and sleep.If we take a walk in nature while enjoying the sun, we can not only enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the environment; It will also bring us a lot of peace and harmony.

Sunlight exposure is the best way to synthesize vitamin D naturally.this vitamin It is essential for calcium absorption and strengthening bones, teeth and muscles. Additionally, it boosts our immune system and protects us from certain diseases.

Did you know that sunlight improves our visual abilities? This helps us focus and read better. In addition, sunlight exposure in nature encourages us to engage in physical activity, providing us with energy, health, agility and resistance.

it’s important Take precautions to avoid damage caused by solar radiation It can cause burns to our skin, premature aging and skin cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen, suitable clothing, hats and sunglasses, and to avoid times of maximum sun intensity.

Sunbathing and contact with nature bring us happiness.

Spending time in nature with friends can boost your energy and vitality, and you should practice it regularly. (pixels)

Build a wonderful social network

In the so-called Blue Zones, the oldest areas on Earth, it turns out that humans’ daily encounters with family, friends and neighbors It is the key to extended healthspan and enviable levels of happiness.

Building emotional bonds of trust, respect, and mutual support makes us feel more accompanied, valued, and loved, which automatically increases our self-esteem and sense of security. This network allows us to share experiences, opinions, advice, resources… and provide us with emotional support to help us face difficulties or losses we may suffer in life.

Attend activities that involve interacting with more people, e.g. Dance, hiking, yoga, chess, cooking or reading group what do you like the most! Strengthen connections with friends and neighbors, and take care of family relationships. This will allow you to develop communication, empathy, confidence and collaboration skills, allowing us to feel a greater sense of well-being and helping us develop a sense of belonging.

Do you want to write this down? Habits that make you happier On your list of resolutions for this year?

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