5 news about the Volkswagen Saveiro 2024

The Volkswagen Saveiro is the longest-lived German brand car sold in the country, with a 41-year lifespan and plenty of history to tell, along with its now retired ‘brothers’ Gol and Voyage. Masu.

Launched in 1982, it entered its fifth generation in 2015 and eight years later received the latest facelift, suspension adjustments, new technology and comfort items.

Even after following the truck’s presentation and driving around 400 kilometers in urban, road and even mixed routes with rough terrain and steep climbs and descents, questions remain. What’s new in the Volkswagen Saveiro 2024?

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5. Design

The Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 has a new look. The German brand’s compact pickup truck has a taller bonnet, a new front grille and completely refreshed optical features at both the front and rear.

The upper grill has been removed from the front headlights, giving the bumper a plump shape. All this is to make the pickup look “stronger and tougher,” executives say.

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4. Finish

As for the finish, the Saveiro 2024 has also changed, especially in the more expensive version. The Trendline features a bluish digital cluster, while the top-of-the-line Extreme features an orange-tinted light.

Special attention has also been paid to the finishing of the seats in this particular variant, with differentiated stitching and higher quality materials. The Extreme panel’s brushed steel ruler also added to the model’s sophistication.

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3. Equipment

The top version of the Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 is equipped with new driving aids such as HDC (Downhill Assistant), Offroad ABS, Electronic Differential Lock, Hill Hold (Ramp Start Assistant) and RKA+ (Speed ​​Indicator). low tire pressure), parking sensors, back camera.

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2. Suspension

One of the good things that was pointed out as new for the Saveiro 2024 is the suspension tuning. The attack and departure angles of the pickup have been changed, the front suspension has been raised by 10mm, and the rear two-stage damper and spring have been changed.

Executives say this gives the Saveiro a better balance and reduces the inconvenience of navigating holes, bumps and grooves in the track.

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1. version

The final change for the Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 concerns the range of options available on the line. Saveiro Cross left the scene to make way for a new version named Extreme, taking over the apex role of the series.

Today, those who want a compact pickup truck from the German brand can choose between two versions of single cabs (Robust and Trendline) and two versions of double cabs (Robust and Extreme).

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Prices start at R$95,770 for the Robust version with a single cabin and reach R$114,580 for the new Extreme with double cabin, but can be more expensive depending on the accessory package chosen (interactivity, comfort or technology). You might.

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