5 Oscar winning movies to watch on Star+ now

win a prize oscar It is a valuable recognition of the work – in front of and behind the cameras – that is done in the cinematographic world. Beyond debate about its significance or if its selection criteria have evolved, the award is still valid as a reference for Hollywood film standards. Some of them are Oscar winning movies on the streaming platform. streaming Like Star+.

It is well known that these platforms have become ideal showcases for the great films that are honored every year. It’s the easiest way to find a good portion of the nominees and winners in different years and times. A new type of access that turns a general selection of the best of the year into an element of special interest in the catalogs of various subscription services.

We leave for you five winning films oscar Which you can watch on Star+. A selection of the best Hollywood releases in recent years and which also summarizes the evolution of contemporary cinema. One of the most interesting points about the rise of platforms and its effect on the way customers can enjoy Seventh Art.

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jojo rabbitan incredible story

The 2020 Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay is a growth story that explores loyalty, love and hope. everything in terms of Jojo “Rabbit” Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis), a boy who grows up in the shadow of third Reich, A young man eager to prove his loyalty to the greatest German leader of all time and an infamous imaginary friend Adolf Hitler,

But what may seem like a brutal premise is actually a well-constructed reflection on the world, its pain and moral nuances. Director and screenwriter Taika Waititi’s adaptation of the novel by Christine Lyons delves into the horrors of authoritarianism from everyday life. a little more painful JoJo He discovers that what he thought was a way to prove himself is actually a cruel and ruthless system.

Now in its third installment, the Oscar-winning film, available on Star+, is replete with the quirky humor of its filmmaker. It is a lesson on the value of ideals in dark times during complicated circumstances that will inevitably have a tragic end. With one of the most heartwarming endings in cinema today, the film leaves a heartwarming moral: Every day is an opportunity to celebrate the good and the small acts of kindness.

size of waterGuillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning film is on Star+

The 2018 Oscar winning film available on Star Plus is a love story. But it’s also a different look at the nature of the monster, under the direction of Guillermo del Toro. The filmmaker analyzes discrimination and prejudice through a romance between an anthropomorphic amphibious creature and a mute woman. What may seem like a fantasy story takes unusual and painful paths as it reflects different points of view.

On the one hand, violence as a cultural evil is part of the spirit of our times. A brutal perspective that the film exposes through having the unspeakable (Doug Jones) subjected to a warped scientific investigation. On the other hand, the need for communication, which can become romantic love.

alyssa (Sally Hawkins) is unable to use her voice to communicate, but that doesn’t stop her from being the only one who can bond with the mysterious blue-skinned monster. Together they will show that the barrier between two worlds can be overcome through understanding, empathy and ultimately an unbreakable emotional bond.

The film, which won an Oscar for Rami Malek’s outstanding performance in Avatar freddie mercuryIt is much more than just a biography. It is also a journey through the phenomenon presented by both the artist and the group. what in, The script tells how the band became a huge success and presents a new outlook on music, performance and innovation in song and mix.

But, in particular, this Oscar-winning film that you can watch on Star+ emphasizes the singer’s indelible mark on the music industry. With amazing vocal range and staging that dazzled the audience, Freddie Mercury turned his performances into unforgettable shows. He fought in his own way, especially through his unabashed behaviour, against the prejudices of the age that were homophobic.

Bryan Singer’s film captures the spirit of that revolution, while Rami Malek follows coming of age with intelligence and sensitivity. In his great closing scene, the actor shows that the film is a fitting tribute to a man who created history on and off stage. A legacy that is valuable to millions of fans around the world.

nomadic landChloe Zhao’s Award-Winning Hits

The Oscar-winning film, available on Star+ in 2021, is a sad and dignified manifesto about poverty in America, however, beyond harsh reflection or exposure of victims of the system, it is a kind of exploration about solidarity.

Between the two extremes, Chloe Zhao’s feature film — which also won her an Academy Award for directing — explored the country and the nomadic lifestyle. An unknown dimension of the First World that the plot uncovers in detail.

Recession, life on the streets of deep North America, the need to recognize social and cultural differences. The screenplay, written by the filmmaker as an adaptation of Jessica Bruder’s novel of the same name, covers the issues with respect. Without entering the territory of condemnation, or much less of moral exhortation, it manages to move on. In particular, by showing that the uncertainty of means and resources can also be a factor in understanding human vulnerability. A message that is more powerful than any other at the end of the film.

kingdom of lightLatest Oscar winning movies on Star+

In 2022, three renowned directors decide to narrate their lives through cinema. the fabelmans, by Steven Spielberg, depicts the filmmaker’s childhood and his exploration of the world of cinema as a means of expressing his existential anguish. Submitted by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu forage A picture of Mexico that he remembers and that he sees as part of his memory and heritage of great importance.

Sam Mendes also decided to share his first take on the language of cinema. kingdom of light is a journey through the experiences of the child that the filmmaker was once. In particular, when he found himself dazzled by the experience of projection in cinemas and imagining the world through films.

date of high on disney plus now and save thanks to annual membershipWith which you can enjoy its complete list of series and movies. access to the latest releasesto list Stars and Best Documentary from National Geographic.

Although the film was not very successful critically or at the box office, its visual segment in the hands of expert Roger Deakins surprised. Thanks to dim lighting based on yellow spotlights and projection on a large screen, he managed to create a nostalgic atmosphere. At the same time, his visual experimentation was able to recreate the director’s expectation and childish wonder at everything related to the Seventh Art. A feat that turned the work into a judicious tribute to cinema as a concept.

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