5 peculiar traits of the series told by the cast and producers

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Don’t expect something already seen in House of the Dragon. Although both the spin-off and the prequel de Game of thronesthe new series broadcast exclusively on Sky and streamed only on NOW, simultaneously with the United Stateshas its own well-defined identity that sets it apart in exploring the rich fantasy world created by George RR Martin. As we have already written, this story is set hundreds of years before A Song of Ice and Fire, so there isn’t so much of that that you need to know to understand the Targaryens and what happens to them. But if you are part of the huge group of spectators who have become passionate about the many battles fought over the centuries for the title of sovereign of the Seven Kingdoms, you will be surprised to discover through the voices of the protagonists and producers how in reality this is a decisive series. to affirm their own self-determination. Let’s get to know it better through 5 peculiar traits.

House of the Dragon: 5 things to know about the TV series

1. The issue of violence against women

If we were to find an important theme within House of the Dragonthis would certainly be the violence perpetrated on women by men at a time when the only accepted social system is patriarchy. And it’s a small revolution if we think that the franchise has sometimes been at the center of controversy for the world in which it has “treated” her female characters in spite of her. By choice, the series does not include scenes of explicit sexual violence, but neither does it pretend that similar things don’t happen in the particular reality of her world. It simply approaches the subject with what has been termed “thoughtful attention.”

“We will shed some light on this aspect. You cannot ignore the violence that was perpetrated on women by men during that time. It should not be minimized or glorified,” explained the co-showrunner. Miguel Sapochnik to The Hollywood Reporter. In fact, in the series, the civil war leading to the end of the glorious Targaryen lineage begins because the patriarchy “would rather set the kingdom on fire than see a woman on the Iron Throne,” as Rhaenyra, the King’s eldest daughter, admits in the trailer. , in Westeros, the often violent way in which women are treated by those above down to the last of the men below does not lead to moments of violence that may seem gratuitous. “We handle those off-screen situations and instead show the consequences and impact on the victim and the offender’s mother,” said the executive producer. Sara Hess to Vanity Fair.

House of the Dragon

2. Rhaenyra: Within her the fire of the Targaryen

One cannot help but notice how much the Princess is Rhaenyra Targaryenthe protagonist of House of the Dragonis similar to the Daenerys de Game of thrones, the last descendant of House Targaryen. The moment she is named heir to the Iron Throne, a conspicuous target appears on her silver and glowing head. But the context in which she moves and defends herself against attacks is completely different. She “faces very similar challenges” because as with Daenerys many people consider her “not legitimate or otherwise” she acknowledged a TVLine Milly Alcockthe actress who together with Emma D’Arcy plays Rhaenyra at different stages of her life.

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Likewise, as a Targaryen, Rhaenyra presents a nature that we can simplify as fiery, and whether or not she is able to handle it can be guessed from the words of D’Arcy, who spoke of him as a character engaged in a continuous, voluntary and self-motivated search for knowledge. “She is a character, especially at the beginning of the series, who feels like a stranger in her own home,” said the actress. “And part of resolving this unease is taking her name and recognizing what she represents about her. Because, to some extent, we can’t choose that.”

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3. Sex in Targaryen times? “Too much”

In House of the Dragon the former star of The Crown Matt Smith plays the Prince Daemon Targaryen, younger brother of the King and uncle of Rhaenyra, described as an infallible warrior and an expert on dragon rides. And, apparently, an excellent amateur too. The actor told Rolling Stone to have been so surprised by the many hot situations in which his Daemon hunt during the story that he asked if there were too many and what was the use of shooting more. Nothing bold, it’s actually all in Martin’s books. It is another aspect of Targaryen life that is little known, especially in some of its “particular” details. “You find yourself wondering, ‘Do we need another sex scene?’ When you say something like ‘Yes, we have,'” Smith said. “I guess you have to ask yourself: ‘What do you want to do? Do you want to stick to the books or water them down to represent the time [in cui viviamo]? ‘. And actually I think it is our duty to represent the books truthfully and honestly, as they were written. “

House of the Dragon

4. The “dance” of dragons

We borrow how a pivotal moment in the Targaryen history told by is remembered House of the Dragon to emphasize how much i dragons are a presence and have a prominent role in the series. They are seen flying in the skies, spitting blades of fire and riding those who have been able to tame them much more often and well than they did 200 years later, after these beasts too have seen dark days with their masters. Syrax And Caraxes they are the dragons mounted by Rhaenyra and Daemon, but there are others.

To create the scenes, those on the back of dragons in particular, a mechanical vehicle was used raised in the air in front of an immense LED screen that projected visual effects in real time; a different technology from that of green screens used in the past. “There’s this digital landscape connected to the camera, so it moves with it, in perspective,” D’Arcy explained. “Being on the machine is one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. Honestly, it’s mind-boggling. I had to wipe the smile off my face all the time. Pure fun.”

House of the Dragon

5. House of the Dragon an anthology?

“The Targaryens are the fascinating dynasty that we don’t know much about from the original saga books because by then they were all extinct,” said the co-creator and co-showrunner. Ryan J. Condal at the last San Diego Comic-Con talking about the series. “There was a glorious time when there were dozens of Targaryens walking around with a group of dragons, ruling West Continent. It was a time of peace and prosperity, and everyone knew that if you dared to make fun of the Targaryens, you were fed to the dragons. Therefore, no one dared to overthrow them. “

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Still, they’ve been through a lot, at different times, and that of House of the Dragon it is “only” one chapter of the story – the beginning of the end – told by Martin in Fire and blood. Reason why Entertainment Weekly he legitimately asked Sapochnik if, with all that material, the team behind the series isn’t evaluating an anthological model to address the different parts of the Targaryen events. And the answer was, “Absolutely. I think that’s one of the interesting things about them. We picked a story that’s almost like Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. We can go back, we can go forward. There are many opportunities there. I hope we are given the opportunity to create something. “

Where to see House of the Dragon

As on great occasions, House of the Dragon enjoys a programming in which waiting times are zeroed. The appointment is on Sky Atlantic (Sky channel 110) and streaming on NOW, every Monday with the original version with subtitles simultaneously with the USA at 3:00 in the morning and in rerun at 22:15, e from 29 August with the dubbed version in Italian simultaneously with the USA at 9.15 pm. Both on Sky and NOW all the episodes are gradually available also on demand, always with double audio.

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