5 reasons to be obsessed with Scarlett Johansson


2019 was the year of Scarlett Johansson and everything seems to indicate that 2020 also will be. Not many child actors manage to become major Hollywood stars when they are adults (maybe because they cease to be lovable, or they let the power, the fame and the money go to your head and ruin your life), some of them disappear after adolescence and have lives tragic that we break your heart all grew up with them.

Scarlett Johansson is different, she started with small roles and children’s movies, but he was making good decisions throughout his career, which led her to get more and better projects and, eventually, to become a heroine of Marvel with two Oscar nominations in the same year.

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It is clear that Johansson has always had talent, but with so much competition, an actor that really wants to become a movie star should offer something more, that’s why some have all the studies fighting for them. Timothée Chalametfor example, it has an air unconcerned, a style that’s very cool and a perfect hairdo that has earned both men as well as women. Scarlett has an amazing ability to move from one role to another as if it were the easiest thing in the world, and much sex appeal and the ability to convince us that we are not seeing it on the screen, and that is the mark of a great actor.

This is an actress with a great career, but 2019 took her to a different level, in which are found the great legends and actors who need no last name so we can identify them (like Brad Pittshe would not need to wear a badge with your name on the food of the Oscar), and everything seems to indicate that things are only going to grow from now on.

These are 5 reasons this is your decade and you should be more obsessed with it.

It is one of the few actors who have managed to get two nominations in the same year

Scarlett Johansson is just to join the very select club of actors who did such a good job that the Academy was left with no choice of another more than ready to call them two times in the performance categories in the same year. In your case, Jojo Rabbit, of Taika Waititi, and Marriage Story of Noah Baumbach, which earned him the recognition. Even if you don’t win, already has a place in the history books of the Oscar.

Managed to break the wage gap

In 2019, Johansson became the actress best paid of the year, this is thanks to their contract with Marvel and his movie on his own as Black Widow. Still has not managed to overcome some of the men better paid, but their work is so valuable that studios are willing to pay more that many other talented women, and that is only the beginning.

Was able to get his first movie solo Black Widow

For some strange reason, until Avengers: Endgame, Marvel not had given him his own movie (Black Widow, all the Avengers main already had one that told us about its history outside of the group, but, apparently, the study did not thought it was necessary to tell the story of one of his best characters, until they killed in Endgame and realized that it was much more popular than they thought.

Black Widow will not be the first heroine of Marvel having their own movie, but if it is the most awaited and, unlike Captain Marvel, she has no haters.

Two words: Jojo Rabbit

Yes, Jojo Rabbit is the best thing he has done in his entire career. As the mom of Jojo shows us what our own mothers did for us when we were children without us knowing. On the one hand, it shows us a strong woman willing to anything for to make happy to your child by the other, to a concerned mother who is on the verge of tears when he thinks about the future.

Strength, courage, vulnerability, fear, pain and courage, Scarlett he shows us the whole range of emotions with a single character that is moving and that steals all the looks each time it appears on the scene, and it is not exactly by their colorful costumes.

He says what he thinks, it hurts to whom it hurts

It is clear that she is not a product of Hollywood, has a mind of it’s own and doesn’t care what others think of her. Johansson showed a great loyalty to the ruling in favor of Woody Allen, who was accused of sexual abuse, and although it is a complicated case, she prefers to say the truth and defend his friends even though it can generate criticism against it.



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