5 red nail polishes to make it!

Were you also impressed by Olivia Wilde’s wonderful red manicure? If after seeing Don’t Worry Darling you’ve decided to recreate the same fifties effect, we recommend the right nail polishes for your vintage nails!

If you are here, one thing is certain, you too have almost certainly been captivated by the wonderful enamel of the character played by Olivia Wilde in Don’t Worry Darling. Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone, and that’s why we decided to show you what all the enamels more suitable for recreating the french manicure redhead of the beautiful actress.

All crazy about the new nail trend: 5 perfect nail polishes to recreate Olivia Wilde’s French Manicure in Don’t Worry Darling

New year, new trend enamels? But we are sure that this fashion is it really that innovative? Well, absolutely not. Indeed the new craze of red manicurewith the french upside down, that’s nothing new. The release of the film Don’t Worry Darling has in fact launched the fashion of the red French manicure. After seeing the glazed nails scarlet of the character of bunny played by the beautiful Olivia Wilde, we have all been struck by this new fashion which then again has very little! Oh yes, because the film directed by the same actress is set right in the years fiftya period in which it was particularly popular enamel strictly red. This manicure however, it has something even more special and with a vintage flavor, we are in fact talking about the so-called moon manicureor a sort of manicure a Crescent moon reverse. The goal of this nail art’s trend it is precisely to replicate the style of those years, when women began to love red nail polish in all its shades. The inspiration was found on the big screen, when, with the birth of technicolor, the actresses, to further enhance the potential of the technique, wore the enamel scarlet paired with roaring red lips. To achieve this super cute effect that is all the rage on all social networks, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon because you can easily recreate your homemade version. Like? Just proceed with the drafting of the Red nail polish creating a profile Crescent moon on top of the nail which will remain transparent. Then, once dry, pass a fine brush dipped in acetone to correct any smudging.

Le Lacque Couture, Yves Saint Laurent’s Pop Art color nail polish in full Fifties style

Red nail polish

To recreate the wonderful manicure Of Olivia Wilde you have to choose a specific shade of red! The color it must in fact be in full years style fifty, a brilliant and very intense nuance. For this reason, the first nail polish that we have selected for you is this wonderful shade called precisely Pop art Of Yves Saint Laurent. This color super lively and bright cContains a high concentration of pigments to maintain color intensity for a long time. The glossy finish to reflect the light is obtained thanks to the fluid gel formula for a homogeneous and fast application. The innovative formula makes the color brilliant and impeccable maintenance!

Vernis Rouge, the iconic red enamel number 999 of the Dior maison


Another wonderful super bright shade is that of Diorof the enamel Vernis Rouge 999. Perfect for recreating the manicure Of Olivia Wille, this polish renews the iconic version with the infusion of a floral extract with a protective treatment action. A manicure ultra-bright for one colour couture long-lasting. Infusion of peony and pistachio extracts, the new formulation of Dior Vernis sublimate the nails with a super pigmented nuance in full 20s style fifty.

Vamp, the super scented Hot Flame red nail polish with gel effect by Pupa


If you’re looking for something cheaper but can accomplish the same effect of the amazing manicure Of Olivia Wilde, you can also use this beautiful and brand new shade of red from Pupa. The enamel However, Vamp has something very special, namely the same scent as the fragrances of Vamp Eau de Parfum. In addition to its delicate and seductive fragrance, the nail polish boasts a textures sole that allows you to obtain a three-dimensional plumping effect from brilliance extreme. The nails are volumized with a film of color homogeneous from finish ultra high gloss exceptionally chip resistant.

Oil enamel, the pure red super bright mirror effect by Collistar


Here is the glittering nail polish pure red Of Collistar! Thanks to the exclusive formula, this product with oils such as: argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil, usually used to strengthen fragile nails with a tendency to flake, creates amirror effect truly extraordinary and assures one brilliance absolute. With its oil-like texture, the nail polish is super full-bodied and opaque, but also extremely smooth and super-sensorial. The color is full and intense from the first draft with a finish brilliant unprecedented “mirror effect”. The real novelty, however, is the applicator which, with its 320 bristles ensures a drafting streak-free and optimal adhesion.

Gli Iconici, intense red nail polish number 237 by Diego Dalla Palma

red enamel (1)

And finally also this vibrant one nuances Of red intense and with maximum coverage of Diego Dalla Palma. Super bright and long-lasting result thanks to the special textures fluid but full-bodied which, combined with the maxi brush, guarantees a smooth, precise and uniform application, free of streaks.

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