5 romantic movies on Netflix and Prime video to watch at least once in a lifetime.

Do you want to spend the evening watching a love story that makes you dream? Then you need to see one of these 5 romantic movies on Netflix and Prime video.

They made us laugh, move, hope. If great love exists, there are films that have told it in an unforgettable way. And no one, not even those who appear tougher and more inflexible, has been able to remain indifferent to their vision.

To spend a nice relaxing evening as a couple, with friends, or even alone (so we’re not ashamed of that pack of handkerchiefs at hand) here are the 5 romantic movies that you can’t not look up Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos at least once in a lifetime.

Notting Hill (Netflix or Prime Video)

Julia Roberts she’s definitely the master of the rom-com. In the beginning, she established a dream couple with Richard Gere in pretty womana milestone of tearjerker films with a happy ending, which was replicated in the sparkling If you run away, I’ll marry you.

But when she appeared on the screen next to the easy-going smile of Hugh Grantthere was no more race: Notting Hill it has all the ingredients to create the perfect mix that a romantic film needs to excite and entertain us from beginning to end.

Directed by Roger Michell and written by Richard Curtis, the film is set in thedistrict of the same name London (which has now become a real pilgrimage destination for fans).

The plot is as simple as it is captivating: William Thacker is the bookstore owner, with a divorce behind it. Anna Scott is one american movie star, and is in England promoting his latest film. William meets Anna in her shop, and shortly after the two bump into each other casually in the street, getting orange juice on their clothes. The boy invites her to go to her house to clean up and Anna accepts. Here, they kiss.

A mutual courtship begins which arouses the disbelief especially of his friends. Will two distant worlds, that of a quiet bookseller and that of a globetrotting actress, be able to meet?

Dirty Dancing (Netflix)

In the summer of 1963 Frances “Baby” Houseman goes on vacation with his family in the Catskill Mountains, at a resort owned by the elderly Max Kellerman. There she becomes friends with Johnny Castle and Penny Johnson, who work as dance instructors for hotel guests. Johnny also rounds up by being a gigolo for the tourists…

When Penny risks dying from an illegal abortion operation, it is Frances’s father who saves her, and is convinced that it was Johnny who got the girl pregnant fleeing his responsibilities, so he forbids his daughter to attend his lessons. But by now Baby has fallen in love, reciprocated, and she wants to help the boy in the most important performance of the year.

Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey they have made entire generations dream with their “forbidden dances”. Everyone, once in their life, have imagined being Baby in the “angel’s grip” on the notes of the unforgettable (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life (which won both the Oscar and the Golden Globe for “Best Original Song”).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen this movie a thousand times. If someone tries to change your mind, reply that “No one can put Baby in a corner!”.

Susanna (Prime Video)

Atmospheres of other times with this 1938 film directed by Howard Hawksdirector famous all over the world for having been behind the camera of films such as Scarface, The ways of glory And The big sleep.

With Susanna! we see on the screen two protagonists to make your head spin: Katharine Hepburn And Cary Grantreal stars of the Hollywood firmament.

The original title of this work is Bringing Up Baby!, and the story is based on the short story of the same name by Hagar Wilde. Crisp and up-tempo, it not only makes your eyes sparkle with his romance, but it’s also extremely funny and, for the time it was filmed, decidedly modern.

David Huxley is a clumsy and shy paleontologist whose goal is to perfectly reconstruct the skeleton of a brontosaurus. His life flows placid and monotonous, and he is about to marry a colleague of his who is very similar to him in conduct and attitudes.

While playing golf, the bizarre heiress Susan Vance falls in love with him and, to win him over, she will involve him in a series of misadventures which also involve the presence of two leopards…

The Pages of Our Lives (Netflix and Prime Video)

If anyone has picked up Hugh Grant’s scepter as king of romantic movies, that is it Ryan Gosling, who really gives his best in this film. Next to him, a talented and charismatic actress, the sweetest Rachel McAdams.

The Notebook (this is the original title), is based on the homonymous novel bybest-selling author Nicholas Sparks and tells the love story of Noah and Allie from the first meeting, which took place at the amusement park during the girl’s holidays on Seabrook Island.

The two belong to two different social classes: he is a worker, she is a rich heiress, which is why Allie’s parents are deeply opposed to this bond. In fact, one evening when the young woman is delayed returning, her mother even calls the police and, when she returns, forces her to return to the city.

Noah writes Allie a letter a day for an entire year and, receiving no response, thinks she’s forgotten by now. But things are not quite like that…

When Harry Met Sally (Prime Video)

Our latest choice is not a romantic film. But it is “THE” romantic film par excellence. Harry meet Sally it is not only an enjoyable film, well written and well acted. It is a real cult, included by the American Film Institute in the list of best US comediesthe best sentimental films and the best romantic comedies.

Directed by Rob Reiner and written by Nora Ephron, it stars two incredible actors, well-known faces of world cinematography: Billy Crystal And Meg Ryan.

The plot starts from the question that everyone has asked themselves sooner or later in life: Can men and women be friends? Harry Burns and Sally Albright talk about it in the journey they make together, by car, from Chicago to New York.

They met thanks to Amanda, his girlfriend and a friend of hers, so they can keep each other company and divide the expenses since both have to reach the same destination. Initially they dislike each other, but when they meet again they become friends. Before you start liking yourself another way, with all the complications involved…

Are you ready to watch a beautiful story that tells about great love? Choose the plot that most impressed you and start dreaming!

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