5 simple tips to do every day to keep a flat stomach all summer long

After months of waiting, we are finally in the heart of the summer season. If many women wait for this period of high heat to display their body of goddesses, many are still in the middle of a sports program to have their dream body. Summer being a season filled with pleasure, we should not deprive ourselves of certain meals because of the appearance of our belly. To help you enjoy this summer season as much as your friends, here are 5 daily tips to keep a flat stomach during your vacation.

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5 tips to have a flat stomach

Tip #1: Avoid fizzy drinks

Sodas and other soft drinks are so full of sugar that they make you consume more calories than necessary. These calories will turn into excess fat which will prevent you from having a flat stomach.

Tip #2: Don’t mix carbs and protein at the same time

Unless you have perfect digestion, it is not recommended to mix these two families of foods. Protein takes much longer to digest compared to carbohydrates. As they wait their turn to be digested, the carbohydrates begin to ferment. This event promotes bloated feeling.

Tip #3: Reduce your sugar intake

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