5 surprising ways to get rid of stress

When Stress Turns Negative

When we talk about stress we have many definitions at our disposal and it is worth clarifying immediately that even in the neuroimmunopsiconedocrinology field research is advancing and is producing excellent results that highlight interesting relationships between the perception of stress, actual stress and the reaction to it.

Stress, to an appropriate extent, improves us and makes us better in many areas; a healthy stress manages to make us give the best of ourselves, if managed well. When it accumulates and is not disposed of, when there are no moments of pause and recovery and total detachment, stress becomes negative and acts on the cells and on the perception of ourselves. Stress may or may not be consciously perceived, it may involve different systems (from the central and autonomic nervous system to the immune system, for example) but in any case it activates a unique response in the body or constantly restores the state of equilibrium global and preceding the stressor or multiple factors that produce negative stress.

The energy that stress requires of you

The great American physiologist Walter Cannon gave a great boost to research in this scientific field by defining stress in terms of one reaction of the organism to the change of its previous state of equilibrium caused by an external agent (temperature, biological agents, emotional agents, etc.). In summary, we squirm, rant and expend energy to return to the condition that precedes stress. In other words, the reaction to stress can be assimilated to a mechanism for supplying energy and resources to the organism to regain a certain homeostasis or to re-establish a static or dynamic equilibrium that some external factor has disturbed.

When there are too many factors that too quickly go to solicit balance and require the system to constantly strive to return to the previous condition, stress becomes completely negative and our entire balance is undermined at the level of the various aspects that determine our complexity. bio-psycho-social. This happens very easily when we do not have “exhaust valves” that are physical exercise, dance, a sport, a passion, going out with friends, meditation, an art (singing, acting, etc) any practice. that brings us into deep contact with ourselves, which stress prevents us from doing.

5 surprising ways to remove stress

Let’s see together 5 simple and surprising ways to relieve and eliminate accumulated negative stress. Some of these remedies are really handy, very easy to implement, let’s see how:

Look for the green and walk

When you feel that the thoughts are too big and numerous, put on your shoes, take off for a moment and go to the woods or in any case to the river or the sea or take a little walk in any place that is natural and healthy, even the one near where you live. It would be good if it were not always the same place. Gaze at the leaves, try to appreciate everything and try to concentrate, step by step, on the breath.

Give yourself a plant

Giving yourself a plant means giving yourself a beautiful sign of love and care. Taking care of a plant means starting with you. You can name her, choose to talk to her, confide secrets and intentions to her. Plants have tremendous healing power and can give back all the love and time you give them.

Dance, dance, dance

Dancing even without choreography but keeping the heels well on the ground and freeing the neck and spine and pelvis allows you to let many thoughts flow, unhook yourself from reality and sweat (thus burning calories). Regardless of how the day went, put on your favorite music and go, dance! You might think about starting with a little warm-up and ending with a little stretching. Dancing puts you back in touch with your essence.

Talk to yourself in the mirror

Talking in the mirror relieves a lot of stress and allows you to create a very deep contact. From time to time look at yourself and remember who you are and what you want to tell yourself, make wishes deep as if you had them, gratified try to lift the corners of your mouth and let your energy take off. In fact, smiling in the mirror has immense power and effects that spread throughout the body. Flirt with yourself, earn in safety and calm, get compliments too sincere and passionate.

Turn off the mobile phone

It seems like a poor and ridiculous solution but that is not the way it is. Turning off your cell phone puts you in front of how much anxiety you get at the thought of being searched and not available. How much do you think people find you indispensable? How much do you give yourself to others in a selfless way and how much time should you give yourself instead? Turning off your cell phone at first may seem like a very risky and non-actionable gesture, but in the medium and long term it turns into a truly healthy and desirable habit. When you turn off your mobile phone you are in control of your time and turning it back on you will have the pleasant feeling of being able to manage answers, replies and reactions exactly as you want and at the pace you decide. Being always available to others increases stress in a truly incredible way. We advise you to try maybe for a short period of time the first few times and then slowly break away for large windows of time. Of course, having children and partners this option could be a little tricky, they might need you; then try to do it when you know they are safe and not too far away.

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