5 things to avoid on the plane for your health, word of the steward

Thanks to a video on Tik Tok, Tommy Cimato, an American flight attendant, reveals the 5 things to avoid when on a plane that could create risks for your health.


In-flight habits: here’s what to do and useful tips

Tommy Cimato is a flight attendant of a well-known American airline and through a video published on Tik Tok he wanted to warn passengers about some habits, very common and apparently harmless, which could however endanger their health.

The steward first advised against sitting in the coveted window seat as children who often choose to travel there to enjoy the breathtaking view of the clouds often have a habit of touching the glass with potentially dirty hands. We therefore choose the central place or aisle to avoid being in closer contact with germs. When you go on vacation you usually choose comfortable clothing such as shorts and a second Cimato there is nothing more wrong. The seats accommodate a large number of people and the staff is not always able to thoroughly sanitize them so it is much better to opt for long trousers.

For the same reason, we also avoid pressing the toilet drain button directly with your hands, remember to use the wipes present so as not to have to touch a point potentially rich in germs left by other passengers. Finally, the steward advises to drink a lot during every flight by plane, at least half a liter of water especially during the longer stretches and not to be ashamed to contact the flight attendants in case we feel bad.

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