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Getting in shape requires constancy and precision, not only do you need to calculate the calories needed for energy needs but you should distribute them well over the course of the day. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, omegas and so on must be calculated during meals and if necessary, the food picture can be completed with natural supplements, available on HSN and other online sites. Here you are 5 tips for a healthy diet and balanced.

Diet: what to eat for breakfast and lunch

Breakfast is the fundamental meal of the day, so you need to eat well and ensure the right calories to start the morning with good energy. Wholemeal bread and jam remains one of the most recommended foods to alternate with fresh low-fat yogurt. To drink coffee, tea or milk.

For lunch you need proteins and carbohydrates, therefore 100 grams of brown pasta or rice seasoned with vegetables or legumes (100 – 150 grams) represents an ideal meal. As a second course, it is possible to eat salad and fresh cherry tomatoes, be careful not to exaggerate with the oil and limit the consumption of salt to a minimum (better seasoned with spices).

Healthy eating: intermediate snack and snack

To follow a healthy diet, between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner, there are snacks and snacks. A yoghurt or fresh seasonal fruit is recommended in the morning, as well as for a snack. It is also possible to alternate with a homemade ice cream in the afternoon, no more than twice a week.

Diet: what to eat for dinner

The evening meal alternates between lean white meats, legumes or fish. The right amount is 150 – 200 grams, to be seasoned with vegetables and greens. Once a week it is possible to insert a pizza or indulge in a food of your choice to detach a little from the diet. Avoid eating two hours before bedtime.


Physical activity and movement

For best results it is important never to lead a sedentary life, but to exercise regularly at least 3 or 4 times a week. Joining the gym and following a fitness program, playing sports such as football, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, swimming or boxing, are all valid solutions to burn calories. Even a simple 30-60 minute walk 3 or 4 times a week is a great help lose weightthe important thing is to move as much as possible.


What foods to avoid for proper nutrition

Proper nutrition allows you not to gain weight and maintain an ideal state of physical fitness. There are particular foods that must be avoided in the most absolute way, above all fried foods and red meats with a high fat and salt content. As far as sandwich bread, rusks and pan bauletto are concerned, it is preferable not to buy these packaged industrial products. Also to be avoided are snacks, industrial ice creams, excess alcohol and spirits. Condiments with oil must always be measured and you must always use only extra virgin olive oil.

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