5 unforgettable performances by the actor from The Fabelmans

Starting from the taciturn Dwayne of Little Miss Sunshine, we retrace 5 breathtaking interpretations with which Paul Dano, also present in Spielberg’s latest masterpiece, has demonstrated his talent.

Histrionic, chameleonic, extraordinarily cathartic. Adjectives to define Paul Danothe American actor born in 1984who has recently confirmed his immeasurable talent with the participation in The FabelmansOf Steven Spielberg, are never enough. The interpreter constantly demonstrates an unusual attitudecaptivating the viewer with extremely distant characters but equally capable of catalyzing their gaze and hypnotizing their mind.

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After taking part in some independent films and other minor works such as Fast Food Nation by Richard Linklater e The girl next door by Luke Greenfield, the younger Paul Dano presents itself to the general public with the signed film Jonathan Dayton And Valerie Faris, Little Miss Sunshine, a film that managed to ingratiate itself with the critics and moved the audience, also arousing the acclaim of the Academy. Now launched into the Hollywood universe, the young talent has enriched his curriculum year after year, participating in enormously successful works and supporting directors and colleagues with unimaginable abilities. Now let’s find out together what are the 5 interpretations that made us fall in love with a fantastic actor.

1. Little Miss Sunshine: Paul Dano plays young Dwayne

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It is 2006 when the spouses Jonathan Dayton And Valerie Faristogether with a cast of refined thickness, give life to their first unforgettable feature film, Little Miss Sunshine. Among the various Steve Carell, Tony Collette And Bryan Cranstonin addition to emerging an immense Alan Arkinrightly awarded with the Oscar, faces the big screen a Paul Dano little more than twenty. The hermetic Dwayne it is the emblem of a film that makes the characterization of characters one of its strengths; despite having taken a vow of silence, he manages to tell us a lot about the acting skills of his interpreter, capable of conquering us already more than 15 years ago.

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2. The Sunday de twins The oilman

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Pass only a year is the namesake Paul Thomas Anderson realizes the existence of a young actor somewhat distant from the ordinary, in all respects. It is not at all easy to describe a work like The oilmanas complicated as it seems to explain how a 23-year-old boy manages not to disfigure next to an authentic sacred monster like Daniel Day-Lewis. Yet there it is, Paul Danno split into twins Eli and Paul Sundaybelievable from the first to the last moment, intense, magnetic.

3. Introverted Alex Jones in Prisoners

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Another 6 years pass and the boy, who has now become a man, tries his hand at another unassailable test and, once again, light years away from the previous ones. Prisoners is the 5th feature film by Denis Villeneuve and boasts a cast of the highest caliber; alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Mary Bello, Terrence Howard And Melissa Leo, Paul Dano plays the introverted and mysterious Alex Jones, accused of a terrible crime and victim of the vicious retaliation of a desperate father. Few words but a lot of substance for a film made up of faces and continuous tensions.

4. John Tibeats, the fierce slaver of 12 years a slave

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The shocking tale based on the autobiography of Solomon Northup it’s a slap in the face that immortalizes the brutality of slavery with the eyes and voice of those who have experienced it firsthand. Steve McQueen in the 2013 makes a faithful adaptation with 12 years a slavewhich adorns itself with the participation of magnificent characters. Paul Dano plays the role of the fierce in a sublime way John Tibeatsthe perfect embodiment of a cruelty that first Northup and then McQueen try to demonize.

5. The Batmanin which Paul Dano plays the Riddler

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The last unforgettable interpretation of Paul Dano is one of the most recent, the one that before the father of the family The Fabelmanssaw him put himself in the guise ofRiddler. With The Batman, Matt Reeves wanted to represent his own dark version of the Gotham City superhero and, alongside Robert Pattinson And Zoë Kravitzthe Wilton-born actor seemed perfect to embody the psychopathic serial killer, formerly played by Jim Carrey; also on this occasion, the challenge was overcome admirably, once again reaffirming the improbable interpretative quality of one of the greatest actors of today’s cinema.

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