5 works of music stars generated by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to fascinate and worry the music industry. Tour of five works that have deceived more than one ear by imitating music stars almost to perfection.

Saiyan – Angela

Angèle was surprised to see “her” cover of Saiyan, Heuss l’Enfoiré and Gazo, going viral when… she didn’t even know she existed. By releasing this song generated by artificial intelligence on August 7, the beatmaker Lnkhey was far from suspecting that she would create so many reactions. Quickly, Angèle reacted by resuming the piece on the piano on TikTok.

And unsurprisingly, the resemblance to the first version created by Lnkhey is uncanny. Angèle, shaken, added this message: “I don’t know what to think of artificial intelligence, I think it’s crazy but at the same time, I’m afraid for my job mdrrrrr»

Heart On My Sleeve – Drake and The Weeknd

Last April, a false collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd raised passions. Was it actually a new song by the artists evoking Selena Gomez? The piece titled Heart On My Sleeve went viral in no time, getting millions of views. A mysterious person named Ghostwriter977 released the song, promising it was just the beginning.

AISIS – The Lost Tapes – Vol.1 (In Style of Oasisby Liam Gallagher – AI Mixtape/Album)

Oasis fans were also able to listen to a new album from their favorite band…generated using artificial intelligence. It was the British group Breezer who set themselves the challenge of creating an album that respects the musical universe of Oasis, drawing inspiration from the group’s first three albums. “We couldn’t wait for the return of Oasis any longer,” explains the group, which used artificial intelligence to complete these new pieces.

Eminem goal with AI – David Guetta

Famous DJ David Guetta raised the questions by using artificial intelligence to recreate Eminem’s voice. In the video, we hear a voice that looks like the rapper in a new song unveiled in the middle of the show. David Guetta was quick to clarify that he didn’t want to release this coin for commercial purposes, but was simply sharing it for fun. He also indicated, in an interview with the BBC, that he believed that “artificial intelligence is the future of music”.

Johnny Cash sings – Barbie Girl

Late Johnny Cash taking over barbie girl of Aqua… Impossible? Thanks to, or because of, artificial intelligence, it is no longer. The YouTube channel There I Ruined It specializes in funny covers, including songs generated by artificial intelligence. If this strange song fascinates you, you may want to discover the surprising creations of this channel!

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A new reality

The use of artificial intelligence is creating a lot of discussions and fears in the world of the arts, particularly in relation to copyright. The music industry is no exception.

In an interview with the BBC in May, Sting mentioned his concerns about this phenomenon. “We can’t let the machines take control, we have to be careful,” he explained.

Instead of rebelling against it, some artists instead take the side of seeing artificial intelligence as a tool. In June, Paul McCartney announced the upcoming release of an unreleased Beatles song, taken from a John Lennon demo. His voice would have been recreated for the occasion.

Artificial intelligence has definitely not finished surprising us.

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