50 Cent: taken with an excess of anger in the middle of a concert, he throws his microphone and seriously injures a fan

During a recent concert given on the stage of the Crypto.com Arena, located in Los Angeles, 50 Cent could not keep his cool following several hazards. Taken with an excess of anger, he violently threw his microphone and injured a fan who was in a forbidden space. Video of this incident is currently circulating online.

Decidedly, the excesses of anger of the American artists do not cease to make flow ink for several weeks. On July 29, the famous rapper Cardi B did not fail to cause controversy after throwing her microphone at a fan who had targeted her, for no apparent reason, with a jet of drink. A few hours after the fact, the video of this moment made the rounds of the Web and Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, of his real name, was targeted by an investigation following a complaint lodged with the authorities.

Still, Cardi B might not be the only one currently facing law enforcement. The reason ? 50 Cent has also recently had an excess of anger when of a concert given on the stage of the Crypto.com Arena, located in the city of Los Angeles. Explanations.

50 Cent annoyed by microphones that don’t work

During the event, 50 Cent, while on stage, finds that most of the microphones given by the technical teams do not work. Losing his temper, the star violently throws the microphone into a space forbidden to the public. Only problem, a young woman, named Bryhana Monegain, occupied this famous inaccessible space and received the object in the head.

According to several sources quoted by our colleagues from TMZ, 50 Cent had no intention of hurting Bryhana Monegain. Nevertheless, the latter does not come out unscathed since the account The Neighborhood Talk released photos of his injuries. On his side, 50 Cent assures that this act was not intentional. “Let’s be very clear, as I told the police this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally hit someone with a microphone”, said the lawyer of the star. To see now if this speech will allow him to avoid prosecution.

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