5000 motorcycles found in a barn: the find is incredible and the value unimaginable

Do you think this is right? A collector owns an impressive assortment of rare and highly sought-after two-wheeled vehicles. But there is a problem: he keeps them as they would … a flock of chickens!

If you owned a collection of spectacular vehicles, for the sake of hypothesis a few hundred historic motorcycles, how would you hold them? Surely you would like to keep them in the best possible way, if not out of respect for historical models or personal pleasure at least to be able to resell them in the future, when perhaps some of the models have reached an interesting value on the market.

Canva chicken coop 20_09_2022 Quattromania
What are they doing there? (Canva)

What would you think if we told you that there is a collector who has accumulated in his long career as a centaur the beauty of over 5,000 motorcycles and who does not know how to keep them and has ended up abandoning them in abandoned buildings of all kinds, including a chicken coop? That’s right, it’s not a fictional story even if by fans, we would rather it were!

The protagonist of our story is an American man named Steve Davis who discovered his passion for motorcycles very early on. At the age of 9 – he says – he had already found and sold a two-wheeler and, immediately realizing the potential of this particular economic sector, decided that two-wheelers would be his way in life. But things did not go quite as we would have expected when reading this story.

A mad disease

Davis doesn’t know exactly how many and which ones moto has: this is because over the years, it has ended up accumulating without restraint not tens, not hundreds but thousands, often kept in very bad conditions for historical models. The Davis collection which includes some very rare models of all the main Italian and foreign brands has been in conditions of decay and abandonment for many years. Perhaps too many, according to collectors who have tried in vain to buy some.

In the vast collection of man they are found Harley Davidson, BSA, even the rare Norton with Wankel engine that we have already known in a previous article but there are rare Suzuki, BMW, Guzzi, Hercules models and so on and so forth. Most of the motorbikes are abandoned in structures that include a chicken coop and a stable.

Moto Silodrome 20_09_2022 Quattromania
A very small part of the Davis collection (Silodrome)

To the critics, Davis replies: “I like my bikes the way they are. I don’t sell anything “. But there is a not remote possibility that man suffers from a rare mental disorder: it could in fact be a serial accumulator, a pathology that pushes afflicted people to accumulate objects, often of a very specific type, for no reason. Do you think these bikes should be saved or are they okay where they are now?

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