5G will finally arrive in Brussels in September 2023

As the saying goes, “better late than never”. Capital of Europe, lagging behind other European capitals 5G network deploymentwill finally be able to get up to speed (or should we say, “on the screen”?) from this month September 2023 in Brussels.

it’s the holder of a smartphone and a 5g offer Who will be happy: 5G network is starting from next month, up to 10 times more In terms of speed, the 4G network will finally be available in Brussels. While other cities in Belgium and especially Flanders have already benefited from (more or less good) 5G coverage, such as Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges or Hasselt, it must be acknowledged that BrusselsDespite being the capital of Europe, it faced a lot of delay…

Map of 5G coverage in Brussels
© nperf.com/fr/map/5g

Administrative procedures will last more than six months, and the first official permits should be issued in September, as reported by L’Echo. activation of antenna (and the rest of their deployment) should be done smoothly. when we see 5G coverage map The current situation in Brussels (above), it is easy to see… that we are a little behind. The map should be covered soon in September.

5G and 4G in Brussels: what’s the difference?

with 3x faster throughput Compared to 4G (and ten times faster when fully deployed), 5G makes it possible to process more data At the same time and thus to provide faster navigation facility, especially in big city or densely populated areas, where the network is heavily used. the network is more eco-responsible Compared to 4G, because its relay antennas consume less energy than 4G while transporting the same amount of data!

5G: operator offers

Proximus Offers a range of 5G offers ranging from €16.99 to €49.99 per month (with a discount for the first six months). telnet Offers 5G natively (once deployed) from €16 or €20.94 per month in its Telnet Mobile subscription. At the end, orange It also offers 5G in all its Go subscriptions: ranges from €12 to €37 per month.

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