6 committed festivals to find in July and August 2023

6 Festivals Participating This Summer 2023 Credit: iStock

6 Festivals Participating This Summer 2023 Credit: iStock

More and more young people go to the festivals held during the summer in France, but these events can be a reason to take risks. Whether it is excessive and dangerous alcohol consumption, drug exposure, aggression or discrimination, it is important to raise awareness and prevent these risks as much as possible. Festivals often provide support mechanisms in the event of problems, in accordance with their commitment and values. Did safe zone Can be set up with interlocutors (specialists, doctors, mediators, etc.). 60 percent of women have already been victims of harassment or sexual harassment in the festive environment. The Consentice Association, formed in 2018, raises public awareness and trains festival and nightclub professionals on issues of sexual consent, discrimination and violence.

rock in the scene

The Parisian Rock Festival, for this 2023 edition, offers a program and partnership committed to different themes: inclusiveness, environment, health and citizenship. Inclusion and diversity are highlighted by a strong female presence among the cast and the festival’s provision for people with disabilities. Motivated by the reduction of the environmental impact of the festival, the organizers emphasized the use of public transport, the control of energy consumption, the reduction and sorting of waste, as well as the conservation of the area.

The festival will take place on August 23, 25, 26 and 27 in the national domain of Saint-Cloud (92210).

Main Artist: Billie Eilish, Florence + The Machine, Placebo, The Chemical Brothers, The Strokes…

bivouac festival

This brand new French festival aims to Slow Festival. The event is on a human scale, providing local catering and infrastructure already integrated into the park. The festival seeks to provide a “holiday camp” feeling: a number of activities are offered in the park, such as tree climbing, orienteering and an open-air cinema. With a capacity of around 2,000 people and a reduced frequency of concerts, it aims to reduce energy consumption and establish more comfortable working conditions. The Fairly solution allows organizers to measure the socio-environmental impact of their events so that they may be able to improve it. The artists are also selected according to eco-responsible criteria: the festival has taken care not to limit itself to regional, national or Belgian personalities.

find it slow festival Parc d’Aulhane (62620) from 25 to 27 August

Starring: Disiz, Agar Agar, Johan Papaconstantino…

Delta Fest

For its 7th edition, the Delta Festival aims to bring together young people from all over France as well as Europe through music and sending them a message of environmental awareness. Thanks to its eco village, its workshop venue, as well as a team of volunteers who clean up the beach during the event, the Delta Festival shows concern for environmental issues. You’ll find several organizations there, such as Sea Shepherd, which fights to protect marine biodiversity. The Delta Green system aims for responsible consumption in terms of energy, mobility and materials. The Clean My Delta operation, with the participation of partner organizations such as the Clean My Calanques Association, cleans the Prado beaches as well as the area occupied by the festival.

See you in Marseille (13000) from 23 to 27 August for the 7th edition of the festival.

Starcast: Damso, Angel, Niska, Nina Krawicz, Emily Lens…

land of sound

Since 2005, the Terres du Saône festival has been offering festival-goers an eco-responsible program. Be it the catering, tourism, conferences offered and the selection of partners, everything is thought through with a view to respecting the environment. Visitors to the festival are also encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by using public transport. There are shuttles in place as well as an online eco-calculator that allows you to estimate the impact of traveling with the lowest possible rate of carbon emissions. The Eco-Village, the “green lung of the festival”, is a free venue with initiation workshops or conferences in addition to the planned concerts.

The Terrace du Sun will be held in Monts (37260) from 7 to 9 July.

Starring: Orelson, Lompal, Shaka Ponk, La Femme…

Crusol Fest

It was on the initiative of singer Zazz in 2017 that the Crusol Festival was created. For its 7th edition, this eco-citizen event continues its momentum committed to helping build a closer and more sustainable society. In addition to diverse programming, the Festival is part of a sustainable development approach. A civic, collaborative, fun and friendly village is intended as a meeting place that allows for sharing between festival attendees and stakeholders. One can participate in organizational initiatives and associations. The village is part of the “Cap 2030” objective, a national program to accelerate the energy transition and raise awareness among younger generations to achieve carbon neutrality. The Festival uses only green energy and has installed a CO2 converter on its website.

The Crusol Festival will take place from 6 to 8 July in Saint-Père (07130).

Starring: Ade, Luzipeka, Groundation, Arthur H…

green cabaret

The festival was originally established by the organizers to raise public awareness about socio-environmental issues. Le Cabaret Vert wants its entertainment to be sustainable, be it music, movies, comics, shows or food. During the festival, social relationships, responsible consumption, social entrepreneurship and solidarity are also highlighted. In 2019, the Festival established a roadmap with twelve tasks and objectives to be achieved by 2025, ranging from the economic development of the region to the maintenance of biodiversity, inclusion, diversity and the creation of a safe space.

Cabaret Vert will be in Charleville-Mézières (08090) from 16 to 20 August

Main Artist: Calvin Harris, Damso, Yungblood, Christine And The Queens, PLK…

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