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In July, it became almost FLIPOPthe famous festival of pop literature targeted at young readers that promotes a new story. In todateen she spoke with Natalie DimambroPublisher of the Following – responsibility for the creation of the project – to talk about a new case, which is described in the books. Currently, the national writers have won many seats, and we would like to know how a publisher sees it and gives space to these new voices.: il.

For a long time in the literature, young dominated the bestsellers of foreign, mainly American authors. “In recent years we have seen, to prominence a new generation of young Brazilian authors who write for the public, with names like iris ESBE, Vitor Martins, Luly Wheat, Luke Stone, Clara Alves, Elaine Flannelette, among many others,” Natalia.

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closer and closer

Dimambro he also stressed that the new approach between the reader and the author, promotes the growth of social networking.

“Authors who try are very close contacts with readers, whether through social media or events. And publication of these stories helped to diversify the literary market in Brazil and to bring young people to the history, which can identify more directly, which are held in cities that they know with characters whose issues and dilemmas similar to those they themselves look“.

a plurality of

Another thing that called attention to the multiplicity of subjects that are under consideration. Natalya explained the significance of this in the lives of young people.

It’s a very strong you grow and Mature, do not see, presented in the literature, in cinema and in art in General, it is important to fight to avoid such a crossing out. If the world is diverse, literature must also be, with characters from different social backgrounds, skin color, personality, gender, sexual orientation and so forth.”

The publisher noted that this movement is not recent, but has gained notoriety in the media and other spheres of society.

“Historically, poetry young people have always been brave for the treatment of topics considered to be taboo, like sexuality, racism, mental health, among many others. This movement is not new but when you stand out in the media and in other spheres of society, such as feminism and antirracismo, in the end, appears in the literature as well. Diversity is a constant concern. For example, we published “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe’, Benjamin Alire Saenz, which became a reference between the literature of a young LGBTQIA+, already more than six years. And we want to continue making our catalog are becoming more and more diverse and representative”.

tips, tips, tips!

And to finish our conversation, we asked what books Natalia recommends that distrairmos during this period of isolation. Under mark in the national authors, she replied:

I believe that in a time in which we live, feeding fake news and hate books not fiction, bringing information quality and protecting human rights are the rights essential for a young audience. The book ‘Brave: Stories of people, refugees in Brazil”, Aryane Cararo and Duda Portode Sousa, who we are going to release in the near future, fits into this line. But it is also important that we can find refuge in the books that will bring us comfort, and company to get through this difficult time. Therefore, I recommend books that warm the heart ‘Connected’Clara Alves, in addition to books quite a lot of humor, and ‘Five Júlias’from Matheus Souza.”

On the publisher channel has several videos with the domestic and foreign authors, defeating a chat, but us leaves here resumão that was FLIPOP!

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