6 scenes from cult films that their actors regret

We have all had in our professional lives this embarrassing moment of absolute embarrassment which will be at worst a bad memory, at best a classic of the VDM site But when you are the star of a Hollywood film intended to be shown to several million people , the embarrassment of a moment can simply become the embarrassment of a lifetime…


Although some famous movie scenes have propelled the careers of their actors, some of them simply regret having filmed them. In every film, there is always a scene that can either make the actor successful or completely ruin the entire project. However, behind every memorable movie scene, there is not always a happy or more complicated story. What is certain is that when certain actors delve into the souvenir album of their filming, many regret and sometimes bitterly to have found themselves at the heart of scenes that they no longer really assume today. today. Here are 6 movie scenes that actors regret filming and why:

#6 Ian McKellen regrets his scene in Cats

Ian McKellen is a living pop culture legend. For a long time to come, he will have characters as iconic as Magneto or Gandalf, but he has also played a significant number of characters from the Shakespearean repertoire or even Sherlock Holmes and even death itself in Last Action Hero. But obviously, we don’t go through several decades without a few nice little slip-ups.

ian mckellen last action hero

The actor thus found himself in 2019 in one of the most mocked films of the 2010s: Cats. This musical Cats of 2019 nevertheless comes from one of the best works on Broadway. The film was quickly reviled by critics and spectators for its questionable artistic direction, showing more than reason the anuses of actors clumsily transformed into cats thanks to expensive but fairly botched special effects.

Ian mckellen Cats

In the middle of this disaster quickly became cult (but not for the right reasons, of course), Ian McKellen plays a somewhat has-been cat living in a theater. When he brings up the subject, the actor chuckles and smiles politely. In an interview for Extra TV, he declared:

Well… Today, people know that Cats It’s not The Lion King. You see a lot of fake cats with human voices, (…) it’s a celebration of cats, but I’m not a fan of cats to be honest (…) I’m more of a fan of dogs and I would probably be delighted to be part of a musical called Dogs.

What is certain is that musicals remain a stylistic exercise that is risky to say the least. If we often try to forget the existence of strange objects like Grease 2 or Bim stars of the Canon, certain actors, like Ian McKellen, bitterly regret this experience.

#5 Amanda Seyfried regrets singing live in Wretched

Amanda Seyfried, is the heroine of many successful films, but paradoxically remains a fairly discreet actress. After showing off her singing talents in Mamma Mia!eShe is cast for an extremely anticipated project in the United States : the film adaptation of the hit musical comedy of the Miserable by Victor Hugo. In Tom Hooper’s musical film, she will play nothing more and nothing less than the character of Cosette. Director Tom Hooper then opted for a filming option that was as surprising as it was risky and decided to have all the actors sing live on set, then add the orchestral accompaniment recorded in post-production.

Amanda Seyfried Cosette Les Misérables

In this film 95% sung, this gives a more natural and theatrical atmosphere which allows the feature film to emulate what made it a theatrical success. However, Amanda Seyfried told Vanity Fair magazine that she didn’t feel quite ready for it, as she had stopped singing for many years before filming and had only done Mamma Mia!which did not require singing on set, since the scenes were playback.

Seyfried added that singing live on set for Wretched also required strength and endurance, and that she often felt weak while playing the fragile Cosette. She would clearly have preferred to be able to re-record her voice in the studio. The result was sometimes questionable in view of the film. So, Russell Crowe’s performance has often been mocked. On the other hand, his partner Hugh Jackman, a big fan of musicals, loved this experience, unlike our next film.

#4 Hugh Jackman regrets his date scene in Movie 43

You have certainly forgotten it and that is lucky for you. However, Movie 43 at the time of its release was briefly put in the spotlight, as it was considered the worst film of 2013, but also one of the worst films in cinema history as a whole . Particularly surprising is the luxurious casting of this renowned turnip. Indeed, the film brings together on screen (among others): Chloë Grace Moretz, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts and even Richard Gere, and many others. It is therefore not It’s no surprise that many actors regret taking part.

movie 43 horizontal poster

Among them, Hugh Jackman, who plays in the segment The Catch, where he plays Davis, the town’s hottest bachelor who goes on a blind date with entrepreneur Beth (Kate Winslet). The comic spring of this scene is based on a fact that is as embarrassing as it is truly ridiculous: Davis has a pair of testicles hanging from his neck..

Hugh Jackman Movie 43

During an interview for Yahoo!, the eternal interpreter of Wolverine played the game by imagining what advice he could give to his past self. This advice would be very simple: do not believe those who offer him a role where he will have to have testicles hanging from his neck in what is sure to be “a hilarious sketch in one of the funniest films of all time.”

However, as embarrassing as this scene is, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman’s partner in this sequence, has a much more bitter memory of another scene, although much more cult.

#3 Kate Winslet regrets the illustration scene in Titanic

Titanic by James Cameron remains one of the greatest successes in history today and a film that fascinates some of its fans beyond reason, as we were able to see again recently here. The film is obviously full of memorable scenes, some of which have become part of pop culture. One of her most famous scenes is when Rose (Kate Winslet) asks Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) to draw her “like one of his French girls”, wearing only the Heart of the Ocean necklace.

Kate winslet titanic nude scene

Winslet ended up regretting the scene, not because of the experience of filming it, but because of the impact it had. Indeed, from there, some very insensitive people regularly came to her to ask her to sign naked photos of herself taken from screenshots of this scene. Of course, as she explained to the Yahoo! site, at the time, she systematically refused to autograph these photos, considering that it “was very embarrassing.”

Being immortalized in a moment that will forever become embarrassing for the rest of your career is what happened to our next example.

#2 Marion Cotillard regrets the editing of her death in Batman Dark Knight Rises

You can be the winner of the Césars, the Baftas, the Golden Globes or even the Oscars, the day you are in the heart of a scene whose editing and staging escape you, the public will not miss you. This is what obviously happened to Marion Cotillard in a Christopher Nolan film. One might say that such a meeting of talent is safe from ridicule, and yet the death of Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises has been mocked, reworked, subject of memes, parody, etc.

batman nolan funny face

In an interview given to Allociné, she ended up returning a few years later to this scene and its consequences.

We are all in this together and if things sometimes go off the rails, everyone suffers. But, there it is, there are sure to be failures and when we see them on the screen, we say to ourselves ‘well why? Why did you keep that?’ There is no one to blame, or maybe everyone. And it’s certain that the reaction was, I found, let’s say a little disproportionate, because it’s hard to see yourself summed up by that. When I do the best I can to find the authenticity in each character, seeing themselves summarized in one scene, it’s not necessarily super pleasant. Afterwards, of course you have to know how to laugh at everything and above all, beyond having perspective, there are really more serious things in life, even if there are things that can hurt . But I wasn’t at the end of my rope. I just found the reaction disproportionate, and it felt good, especially for me, to laugh about it.

Batman Marion cotillard

Cotillard therefore does not incriminate Christopher Nolan, but just wonders why such a scene was kept in the final cut when there were others that were probably more successful. A feeling shared at the time by her partner, Guillaume Canet, who declared in Première:

Nolan should have edited another take.

The editing choices of directors or studios are clearly the element that can transform a cult scene into a nightmare for its performer as our next example shows.

#1 Sharon Stone regrets the interrogation scene in Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is an erotic thriller directed by Paul Verhoeven, which follows police detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas), who leads the investigation into the murder of a rockstar murdered with an ice pick by a murderous mistress. Quickly, the investigator finds himself in a passionate relationship with the writer and main suspect Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone).

Basic Instinct is a masterpiece halfway between neo-noir and post-Hitchcockian film. Unfortunately, “Basic Instinct” is best known for a scene with a strong erotic content where Stone wore a short dress, but no underwear, and had to cross and uncross her legs. If this scene ionized the actress and became a cult scene reproduced and parodied hundreds of times, Stone has criticized Verhoeven on this subject several times.

sharon stone basic instinct legs

The actress felt tricked into doing this scene, explaining in her memoir (via Vanity Fair) that Verhoeven convinced her to take off her panties because “the white reflected the light”, but that he wouldn’t show anything because there would be a shadow. This was not the case at all and the crotch of Stone was completely exposed in the final cut of the film

chantal lauby basic instinct

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