6 small changes in your daily routine that will transform your life starting today (Inspired by Japanese Kaizen)

everything expert Habit they agree to point out Purpose They must be few and small.Concentrate more effectively mm change Because, more easy to accomplishour success in achieving these goals will have an impact on our optimism keep going.this is him Psychologist Luca Mazzucchelli incoming call 1% method Or Japanese, Improve methods. In short, if you feel like you can’t achieve the resolutions you make every January, it’s probably because you’re not making them in the right way. too broad and it explains Sarah Harveyan expert in the method and author of this book Kaizen: The Japanese method of changing habits (Zenith Editorial), “If you find it difficult to maintain your goals, reduce them to the smallest fraction Maybe you can do it. If you’re having a bad day and don’t feel like running a five-kilometer, try walking. Do something, no matter how small, It’s better than doing nothingand then you can gradually work your way up until you reach your goal again.

Start today with 6 small changes in your daily routine that will transform your life

We recommend you 6 little habits You can incorporate this into your life today Start changing your life now!.They focus on 4 main areas Welfare as exercisethis feed or Dream.

  1. Avoid the office elevator and sign up Climb stairs.You will force yourself to increase the quantity The number of steps you take each day. Walk This is one of the most fun exercises you can do every day. According to the publication in British Journal of Sports Medicine Walk briskly during 11 minutes a day (approximately 75 minutes per week) Significantly improve our longevity.Also, when you do The benefits of climbing stairs multiply.
  2. forget about diet and Practice Harvard Boardwhile eating.Created by nutrition experts Harvard School of Public Health, Food Proportions on the Harvard Plate will help you dramatically improve your diet (forget about dieting). What is Harvard Brand? It consists of dividing a single dish into three parts: 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates.
  3. You know you don’t always have to tell something?Try looking into your eyes when communicate with someone. Today’s lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy to see friends or spend time with people you admire.a simple way Improve your relationships It is a simple gesture of practicing looking into the eyes when we are talking to someone.this active listening The result is your relationships higher quality.
  4. Stop skipping snacks Eat a handful of nuts for lunch every day.this Walnut Nuts are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals and are essential foods in people’s diet. blue areas on earth, a place where residents live longer. “this almondFor example, they are popular in Ikaria and Sardinia, where they are used in many dishes, while the Nicoians enjoy pistachio“Researcher and author says Dan Buettnerknown as “the wise man” longevity“.Plus, they’ll help you sleep better.
  5. Start using your mobile phone at 8pm, better yet, write an article every day Gratitude Diary.This small gesture does not require you to put in more effort Wait a momentallowing you to develop your own a balanced view of reality. The simplest thing to do is to maintain a negative attitude when we force ourselves to face what is happening to us. see the good parts (this also exists) increase us positive thoughts and emotions.
  6. Go to bed at the same time every day.this regularity inside sleeping time It’s just as important as the number of hours we sleep.Sleep is one of the pillars of our health, and research shows that regular sleep balances our functioning Arrhythmia what is good for us physical, emotional and cognitive health.

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