6 Star Manicure Trends of 2023 (That Everyone Will Want to Wear!)

Here’s a selection of manicure trends to adopt this year!

Last year was a rich year for nails, from the expansion of their current style and mood, to more colorful nail art… So what does this year hold for us? From low-maintenance styles to nail jewellery, here are six must-try manicure trends for 2023.

micro chrome

Chrome isn’t automatically synonymous with bling-bling. global ambassador ofOPI, Harriet WestmorelandChrome says, but not as you know it, that it will peak in 2023, highlighting the color’s evolution toward a more mature spirit. Harriet Westmoreland Chrome is used over opaque and transparent base shades to give a shiny look to the nails. Designed by National Nail Studio Townhouse dazzling discoAn opaque, chrome-topped design that’s a fresh take on the summer trend of glitter donut nails, inspired by high-shine manicureshayley bieber, Try the milky shade over chrome for an icy, shiny finish.

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clean girl aesthetic

Minimal manicures that show off healthy, pristine nails polished to perfection are very popular at the moment. “Shades like OPI’s Bubble Bath and Love Is in the Bare are perfect for clean, simple nails,” says iram shelton, These colors cover imperfections while accentuating nails for a neat, well-kept look. Everyday nails that require little maintenance.

OPI – Bubble Bath Nail Polish

OPI – Bubble Bath Nail Polish

French manicure

French manicures made a bit of a comeback last year, but today they’re even more desirable. “This year, the French manicure will be barely visible and very thin and natural,” says Harriet Westmoreland About this updated classic. Think thin, barely noticeable white tips that give a beautiful look to hands and nails. You’ll also see these fine lines in reverse French, simple as that!

textured finish

From rhinestones and glitter to matte and glossy topcoats, faux finishes will continue to be popular in 2023, with an emphasis on playful patterns. whether it’s French inverted with a bright line Hugging the cuticle, or a simple crystal as a dot on each nail, these simple and subtle additions are an easy way to get into the trend if nail art isn’t your forte.

nail jewelry

Nail piercings and other jewellery-inspired accessories are hot right now. Long nails have replaced the short styles that ruled last year. These are perfect to be pierced with diamond pendants to make a statement. They should be combined with a simple and neat manicure so that the emphasis is on these accessories. convenient ? Not necessary. to attract attention ? Absolutely.

milky nails

Whether you go for bubble bath pink nails or a baby blue shade, one of the hottest trends of 2023 is the milky effect. very popular with sophia richie And dua lipaSearches for “blueberry milk nails” jumped 294% on Google this month, while the term was viewed 10.2 million times on TikTok. the moral of the story ? Whatever color you choose, it should be milky.

Translation by Leia Penneret

Article originally published on vogue.co.uk

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