6 trends to try this fall

Which manicure are you going to fall for at the start of the school year? Although the month of August is not over yet, a kick off for the new September 2023 manicure trends is given. Next month, forget the fall tones. Pastel and flashy varnish colors, like blue and pink, have not yet said their last word. At the start of the school year, your nails will see all the nuances. Demo in 6 nail art ideas to adopt now to prolong the beautiful days!

The Biggest Manicure Trends September 2023

top manicure trend September 2023 back to school nail decoration ideas modern nail art to make yourself

When the month of September sets in, different camps will compete when it comes to trendy manicures. At the start of the 2023 school year, we will find fans of discreet nails, nailistas who swear by timeless French, and lovers of extravagant nail art. And good news, the September 2023 manicure trends have something to delight everyone. From the micro French to the Barbiecore nails, passing by the pastel Blueberry Milk Nails manicure and the enchanting Aura Nails, the editorial staff of Deavita.fr has spotted the top nail art trends that will be everywhere next month… and not only! Focus!

Syrup Nails – the September 2023 manicure trend that will prolong the summer

trend nail art manicure september back to school 2023 syrup nails tutorial video

No, we refuse to let the summer days go! The proof is the upcoming nail art trend that will make September 2023. Straight from South Korea, Syrup Nails are undoubtedly the most gourmet manicure of the moment. As its name suggests, it is supposed to reproduce the shiny and glossy appearance of a syrup. And the best thing is that everyone can determine the taste they like. So you can choose from mint, candy, strawberry, lemon, peach or even anise. Just enough to extend the summer into September, or even beyond. To achieve it, nothing could be easier. Choose a gourmet varnish color and follow the video tutorial below!

Back to school, make way for pastel nails with Blueberry Milk Nails!

blueberry milk nails nail manicure trend september 2023 back to school autumn milky blue varnish french manicure revisited

Who said pastel nails were only worn in summer! Certainly not us! Back to school, Blueberry Milk Nails will be all the rage with nailistas. Halfway between Milky nails and pastel manicure, this nail art trend will undoubtedly be the most chic of the month of September that will delight working girls. Plus, the new milky manicure is great for bringing out your tan in the office. On the nail shape side, it goes with all lengths. To achieve it, choose a color of pastel varnish, then seal it with a shiny top coat and you have the elegant manicure.

Barbiecore nails or the most requested manicure in the salon

manicure trend september back to school 2023 modern nails barbiecore nails french manicure pink varnish

Photo: Deavita Gallery/ Rossi Nikolova

What is the trendy manicure called at the moment? If fashion generally comes from parades, this time it is sketched out by the world of cinema. After the release of the Barbie movie, no one can miss the Barbiecore trend. On social media, it didn’t take long before beautistas took to the heroine’s iconic look. The result ? The girliest manicure around will continue to grow in popularity for months to come. In fact, we bet she will play overtime in the fall-winter. On the program for the start of the school year: pink, pink and more pink. French manicure style, degraded or with patterns, the Barbie manicure is undoubtedly the nail art trend to opt for next September.

Naked Nails for a minimalist September 2023 manicure

trend naked nails nude manicure deco minimalist nails nail art september 2023 back to school

Photo: Deavita Gallery/ Rossi Nikolova

You’ve probably already figured it out, discreet and minimalist nails are on the rise at the start of the school year. Simply adorned with a shiny and slightly transparent varnish or an ultra-fine white line, nude nails seem to be doing well. What is the September 2023 manicure trend all about? Inspired by the “quiet luxury” movement, this subtle nail art aims to sport shiny and natural nails. The goal ? A healthy, clean and sophisticated manicure at the same time! For the start of the school year, we can already see it on the hands of Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Sophia Richie.

The micro french manicure to pimp the nails XS

micro french manicure trend september back to school 2023 original minimalist nail art

What manicure on short nails? XL claws are still popular. However, next month, short nails will make a comeback thanks to the micro french. A September 2023 manicure trend perfect for nailistas looking for a discreet and chic look, the micro French represents a more refined version than the classic French. In addition, it is very easy to make at home. Just draw a very thin white line at the end of your nails and you’re done! Of course, you can opt for any color of varnish to enhance the final result.

Aura Nails back in September 2023

aura nails pink barbie manicure trend september 2023 back to school nail art

Good news for fans of extravagant manicures and original designs: there won’t be just naked and milky nails this fall. Some much more extravagant nail art trends have not had their last word. This is the case of Aura Nails or Blush Nails. After taking over our wardrobe, the aura print invites itself on the nails to offer us a colorful and gourmet September 2023 manicure that prolongs the summer. The only downside? The aura manicure is not the easiest to achieve. If you are not so good at nail art, it is better to do it in the salon. On the other hand, if you are one of the most experienced nailistas, give it a try by getting two different color varnishes (of your choice) and a sponge specially designed for nails. Then, all you have to do is discover the video tutorial below!

Naked Nails to sublimate short nails at the start of the school year

nail trend nude naked nails modern manicure september 2023 back to school

Photo: Deavita Gallery/ Rossi Nikolova

Micro French inspired by the Barbiecore trend

manicure trend september back to school 2023 fall micro french rose

Blush Nails nail art trend back to school 2023

nail art trend back-to-school manicure 2023 blush nails deco long square nails

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