6 unmissable experiences in the shadow of Vesuvius

Naples is just like Pino Daniele used to sing it and to discover it in this way, as its citizens describe it, you have to live it fully by making experiences that lead you to get to know the culture and not just the environments. Here, then, are 6 experiences to do in Naples, even in just one day

Go to Naples it means visiting one culture, not a place. Go to Naples it means to enter a worldnot in one city. Therefore visit Naples missing the things that characterize the place, the people, smells and noises is a big mistake. There are some things that you absolutely must do if you want to get to know the city. What I propose is easily achievable even in a single day, there are 6 “experiences“Not to be missed to get to know this unique place in the world.

Antica Pizzeria da Michele

old pizzeria Michele

Made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat, pray, love“, this pizzeria is one of the places where, ever since before the success of the moviein order to eat you have to resign yourself to the idea of ​​doing at least an hour in a row. Tables set up in a practical and fast way, choice of pizza possible only between margherita pizza And marinara. When you finally manage to enter and sit down you are greeted by one cultureas well as from one of the better pizzas that can be tasted. Surely the success obtained after the passage in the famous film starring the Robertsdid not help keep this success intact Pizzathose who frequented it before it became the most famous pizzeria in the world, recognizes a subtle difference with today’s days. Certainly, however, that in times when the poor original pizza it is at the center of sad and useless controversyrediscover the authentic taste of one of the best in the worldat the price of 7.00 eurosis a must.

The 13 Descents

13 runs
Square of the Sanctuary of Sant’Antonio

This is a place you must see and experience if you want to have a panoramic view of Naples as a real one would show you Neapolitan. There are 13 climbs (which the Neapolitans called one-way “descended“, And this tells us so much of theirs way of seeing life) that lead to the forecourt of the Sanctuary of San’Antantonio in Posillipo. From the seafront of Mergellinaclimbing for these thirteen “came down“, As they say to Naplesyou are in front of the lookout that will let you admire what is called “the postcard of Naples“. Really unmissable.

Lunch with a view of “Palazzo Palladini”

Palladini Palace

A lunch by the sea, which looks towards the Vesuviusbut move on from chaos of the city center, it is another essential stop if you are in Naples. My advice is to book from Giuseppone a Mareto Posillipoyou will eat first courses of fish of absolute quality, and you will be able to enjoy one unique view but in the corner of peace and quiet. For fans of the genre, then, the little gem is that you will be within walking distance from Palladini Palacethe historic villa where the stories of the most famous Italian soap on TV are set: A Place in the Sun. This villa is actually called Villa Volpicelli and is located right at Posillipo.

Virgilian Park

Remembrance Park

Here too we are still in Posillipoeven here you can really breathe an air magicaland, even here, you can enjoy a view of Naples only. THE panoramic points are different: the one overlooking the Bay of Trentaremion Vesuvius and on the Peninsula Sorrentinaon Nisida and on the Gaiola. Inside the park there are also a amphitheater and a point equipped with games for children. Suggestive both of dayto enjoy the best view, but also a lot of evening. In the’Neapolitan summer it is a recurring meeting point for many young people and not.

Vergiliano park

From do not confuseand with the Virgilian Park above, this place, in addition to being a park of indescribable beauty, and too often forgotten by the guides and advice of expert travelers, is the one where you can also find the tombs from Leopards and of Virgil, not really two of the last poets in history. In addition to the two monuments that preserve the remains of the poets, inside the park you can also see the Crypta NeapolitanRoman period gallery that connects Mergellina to Fuorigrotta. Many park visitors routinely leave cards with gods messages on the tombs of the poets, mainly on that of Leopardi, read them in thatatmosphere it’s just aexperience to try, even for non-fans of poetry or the poet of Recanati.

Coffee at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, Piazza Plebiscito

coffee Naples

Take the opportunity to discover Piazza Plebiscito and at the same time to visit another real monument of Naples, the Gambrinus coffee. Here the cups of coffeeunwashed, in which Presidents of the Republic drank, Popes, Men And Women of State. Obviously you can choose from many different types of coffee preparation, I recommend you start by taking a classic, and then trying the other various combinations. Before continuing your tour of Naplesalso pass in the part dedicated to pastry shop… You will not regret it.

Vesuvius Naples

These are the 6 things which in my opinion, and an honorary citizen of Naplesyou absolutely cannot miss it if you spend it just a day or two in Naples. But the most useful advice I can give you is to visit this city accompanied by a Neapolitan docand if you don’t know any, stop and ask in the street, this is a city where you still have them people they lower their cell phones, vi they look in the eye and they tell you where to eat there sfogliatella better.

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