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The 6-year-old died on June 17, 2020, but the trial of the alleged perpetrators is still ongoing. Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was tortured and poisoned during the last months of his life by his father Thomas Hughes and his stepmother Emma Tustin. On the tragic day, the babysitter decided to punish the boy by hitting his head against the wall. Arthur did not survive the punishment.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. Murder of a 6-year-old girl from Great Britain

According to the BBC, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was forced by his stepmother, among others to stand still for 14 hours. Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes refused him food and drink, and if the 6-year-old was already getting nourishment, it was sprinkled with excessive amounts of salt.


Thomas Hughes himself has denied any involvement in the abuse of the boy. When asked why he had not responded to the 6-year-old being harmed by his partner, Hughes replied that he did not think it was necessary – even after the child was beaten to death.

When I walked over [do Arthura – przyp. red.]she convinced me [Emma Tustin – przyp. red.]that it is not as bad as I thought – explained Thomas Hughes during the hearing (BBC).

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According to the latest findings of investigators, Thomas Hughes did not treat the welfare of his child as a priority. During the interrogation, the father of the deceased 6-year-old was asked about it directly when the police took him in the so-called cross-examination.

Did you value Mrs. Tustin’s love and attention more than your son’s welfare? The investigators asked Hughes.

Probably to the end, admitted Thomas Hughes (BBC).


Arthur Labinjo-Hughes lived with his father and stepmother because his mother was sent to prison after she committed the murder. Thomas Hughes heard allegations of aiding the murder and three allegations of child cruelty. Emma Tustin, who was additionally charged with murder, will be responsible for the same crimes.


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