7 bloopers in iconic movies. “Pretty Woman”, “Dirty dancing”, “Kiler-s 2-óch” …

A bouncing cameraman at the banquet hall door in “Titanic” is still nothing! See what mishaps we found in other iconic productions!

We all love mishaps, and they happen even in the biggest blockbuster movies. It would seem that the millions of dollars in budgets that are spent on films do not anticipate stumbling blocks, and many mishaps go unnoticed by the creators or are left specifically to check the perceptiveness of the viewer.

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Bloopers in cult movies

In the list below, we present you some bloopers from movies such as the beloved “Titanic”, “Pretty Woman” and “Kevin Alone in New York”. Mishaps do not spare Polish productions either. We found them on “Day of the Freak”, Kiler-s 2 “or” Boys Don’t Cry. “Did you notice it when you watched?

“Kiler-s 2”

“Kiler -ów 2-óch” is a continuation of “Kiler”, which is adored by viewers. A funny slip-up occurs during the scene where the Szakal (a hired killer) sent by the Net shoots Jurek Kiler. Kiler, played by Cezary Pazura, was doubled by the stuntman, which can be seen at the moment when flies across the desk. The camera captures the face of the stuntman, as seen in the screenshot below.

movie bloopers

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The movie “Titanic” is definitely one of the most popular movies in the world. While the ending is tragic and harks back to the true 1912 “Titanic” disaster, it also presents one of the most beautiful love stories that can be watched endlessly. You too have certainly watched this production several times. In the movie you can catch a lot of mishaps, e.g. this onein which the cameraman caught up in the film. A production worker reflected in the glass of the banquet hall door. However, it is impossible not to pay attention to the moment when Jack gives Rose a note with the time of the meeting. It is yellow in color. However, when Rose reads it, she is already white.

Have you noticed this? Or maybe you will return it at the next screening?

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“Kevin alone in New York”

There is probably no better proposition for the holidays than “Home Alone” or its sequel “Kevin Alone in New York”. These screenings have already become a tradition in Polish homes during Christmas. We looked at the mishaps from the second part.

Let’s start with the fact that in the first part of the movie Kevin is 8 years old and the second one is 10 years old, although the film mentions that he stayed home a year ago. On the other hand, when Kevin sprinkles pearls on the street in order to escape from thieves, there is very little to go. In the next shot, when one of the villains slipped on them, there are many more of them.

Also worth noting is the limo scene that Kevin ordered to get into a popular toy store. Apart from the fact that it would be impossible for a child to order a limousine, the amount of cola in a boy’s glass is interesting. In one frame there is less than half of it, while in the next – more than 3/4.

These aren’t all the bloopers from the movie. If your curiosity is not satisfied, check out more of the mishaps from “Kevin Alone in New York”.

“Pretty Woman”

“Pretty Woman” is one of the most romantic films and the perfect screening not only for lovers but also for singles. Although the production is absolutely cult, it is full of mishaps.

You can see, for example, when Vivian eats a croissant at first, and when she sits down on the table, she has a bitten pancake in her hand. Magic? 🙂

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the movie

“Boys Do not Cry”

“Chłopaki nie crying” is one of the most iconic productions in the history of Polish film. Many texts have passed into Polish slang, but it is also worth mentioning the mishaps. One of the funniest ones is the one at the end of the movie, where when you throw a coin, you can see that it is hanging on a thread. Have you noticed this? Or maybe you caught other mishaps?

guys do not cry bloopers

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“Day of the Freak”

“Day of the Freak” directed by Marek Koterski is another cult production adored by Poles. The creators, however, also did not avoid mishaps. One of the most iconic ones is the one when Adaś bangs his head against the box at the level of his nose and sticks a plaster on his forehead.

day of crazy bloopers

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“Dirty dancing”

“Dirty Dancing” was made on a very small budget and turned out to be the highest-grossing film of the 1980s. It also opened the door to the careers of Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze. This is a beautiful story about love that many women would like to experience. What mishaps can be found in this romance? Among other things, the one when Baba paints the set design – we can see that her brush is clean. It’s also worth mentioning when Johnny and Baby dance to Redding’s 1967 song “Love Man”. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that the action of the film takes place 4 years earlier. Do you like to catch flaws in movies? Or maybe you remember other than those mentioned in the articles?

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Dirty Dancing

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