7 breathtaking thriller movies to watch on Netflix.

Do you like breathtaking thrillers full of suspense and adrenaline? Here are 7 action movies to stream on Netflix.

Do you want to spend an evening full of adrenalin? Do you want to stay glued to the tv, watching afilm thriller on Netflix? Here are our tips for thrill seekers.

Thriller is a particularly popular genre, both in cinema and literature. The term indicates, notes, shiver and there are different sub-genres of thriller, the psychological one, the action one, the horror one and the detective one.

Every self-respecting thriller must keep the keystone of the story hidden until the end of the plot, increasing expectations and uncertainties in the viewer (or in the reader in the case of a book).

The history of cinema is full of directors and screenwriters who are particularly adept at creating anxiety and uncertainty. Above all, the unforgettable Alfred Hitchcockauthor of thrillers that have made the history of cinema such as The woman who lived twice, The window on the courtyard and many very popular short films.

There are dozens of thrillers on Netflix waiting to be seen, but titles often don’t always meet expectations. Furthermore, when you approach a thriller there is always a problem to be solved: be intrigued by the title or even read the few lines of description, or even watch the trailer?

You have to be good at presenting a thriller, especially when you also propose the trailer, because sometimes you risk spoiling the film, with the result that the film will not be seen later.

Our guide to 7 thrillers on Netflix will give you the right notions without letting you discover the culprit.

Sci-Fi Thriller on Netflix


Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper are the protagonists of this gripping thriller.

A smart drug capable of enhancing brain activities is useful for a writer in crisis, whose mind and imagination seem to be without limit.

But what is the price to be paid to become Limitless?

Will the writer be willing to clean up to regain success in public and private life without doping?

Psychological Thriller on Netflix


Set in the 1930s, a charming lady-in-waiting makes a wealthy landowner fall in love with herself. Lily James, Armie Hammer and Kristin Scott Thomas are the performers of the thriller Rebeccathe mysteriously disappeared woman who will be a cumbersome presence in the story of love and passion between the lady-in-waiting who will soon end up marrying the rich landowner.

But the love story will soon turn into a nightmare, because the ghosts of man’s past are not buried at all.

Action thriller on Netflix


An accident forces a teenager to live with the remnants of a smartphone embedded in his brain.

IBoytherefore, he will find himself in spite of himself, interconnected with the shady affairs of his community. A reality enhanced in the neuronal network that will lead him to know the secrets of a gang and will force him to do justice by himself, to preserve the most intimate affections.

Bill Milner and Maisie Williams they play the two teenage stars of the action-packed thriller.

Thriller noir on Netflix

The Thomas Crawford case

If there is Anthony Hopkins among the protagonists, it can only be a thriller not to be missed.

The Thomas Crawford case will keep you glued to the video to understand if other truths and other mysteries are hidden behind the murder of Engineer Crawford’s wife.

Only at the end will we understand what really happened.

Western thriller on Netflix

The Hatefull Eight

When it comes to thrillers and there is the signature of Quentin Tarantino, success is assured. And if you add a very respectable cast, The Hatefull Eight it will surely be to your liking.

The protagonists of the story are in fact played by Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Channing Tatum and Bruce Dern.

A thriller in six chapters, for over three hours of breathtaking spectacle, observing the exploits of a “rebel” against the hated Yankees. Violence and splatter as in the more classic Tarantino, no holds barred western style fights ..

Historical thriller on Netflix


A seductive bank robber (Margot Robbie) meets a young man willing to help her, until she discovers that her travel companion has a hefty bounty.

With her, however, the young man rediscovers the taste of traveling in the land of dreams “Dreamland

He will have to decide whether to bring her to justice or to succumb to the flattery of the beautiful outlaw.

Passionate Thriller on Netflix

Deadly illusions

Kristin Davis she plays a writer looking for new ideas for a book. Immersed in her business, she has no time to devote herself to caring for the family and she has to hire a nanny, played by Greer Grammer.

The arrival of the schoolgirl, however, has a particular power over the writer who is no longer able to distinguish reality from the story she is writing by providing them Deadly Illusions.

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