7 facts about international pop diva Rihanna

Rihanna is without a doubt one of the most acclaimed names in contemporary pop. Singer, actress, businesswoman and even heroine of a nation, the artist in her career history carries impressive feats with her.

We, from the blog, list seven curiosities about this worldwide phenomenon, check it out:

7 facts about international pop diva Rihanna

1| pregnant with first child

Rihanna is pregnant with her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The confirmation came on (31/01/2022), when the famous paparazzo Miles Diggs published a photo of the singer in a pink jacket and her belly on display.

2| Name

Rihanna’s full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Trivia: She was always called Robyn and she only started to be called Rihanna after she became famous. Rihanna has already said that Robyn is who she really is and Rihanna is like an alter ego. She most calls his attention to calling Robyn, as her family and close friends call her.

3| Barbados heroine

Recently, Rihanna was named the national hero of Barbados, a Caribbean island-turned-republic with approximately 287,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, it is the country where the singer was born.

4| love to eat

The singer and businesswoman loves to eat. Rihanna’s favorite snack is Flaming Hot Cheetos, which is not sold in Brazil, apart from Italian food. In Barbados, the singer always enjoys chicken curry and chocolate ice cream.

5| umbrella

“Umbrella” was the most successful single of the year 2007, with over 10,507,000 units sold, and is the seventh most successful single in United World Chart history with 8,612,000 points.

6| Miss

In 2004, Rihanna won the Miss Combermere beauty contest at her school. And in the contest, she sang the song ‘Hero’ by singer Mariah Carey, of whom she is a fan.

7| Businesswoman

In addition to eight studio albums released, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is immersed in the world of fashion and beauty with the brands: Fenty Beauty, Fenty and Savage x Fenty. The three are great successes in the industrial scenario of cosmetics, fashion and lingerie for their main characteristic: inclusion. Rihanna since launching her brands has remained focused on covering the entire range of beauty and according to her, “No one is left out!”.

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