7 friendships of Brazilians with gringos that moved the networks

Great friendship!  Anitta at Miley Cyrus' show at Lollapalooza.  Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

Great friendship! Anitta at Miley Cyrus’ show at Lollapalooza. Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

News summary:

  • Friendships across borders have caught the internet’s attention in recent years

  • Brazilian artists won the hearts of foreign names with great friendships

  • We have gathered 7 weight duos that represent the international “crossovers”

We are suspicious to say that the Brazilian people are one of the most charismatic in the world, but some meetings between big names in entertainment can prove it. This is because several gringo artists were “fished” by the reception of personalities from Brazil over the last few years.

Among the world of pop music, the big screen and media veterans, some duos have drawn attention on social media for sharing intimacy across international borders. Check out 7 friendships that moved the internet:

Wagner Moura and Elisabeth Moss

The Brazilian Wagner Moura has been conquering foreign hearts lately with his works abroad and his latest friend is none other than Elisabeth Moss, protagonist of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The stars of “Illuminated” do not hide the intimacy behind the scenes of the new series of AppleTV+ besides making the connection clear in the scene.

Anita and Miley Cyrus

Girl From Rio surprised the world by participating in the beginning of Miley Cyrus’ show at Lollapalooza Brasil, in March this year. They shared the vocals on the single “Boys Don’t Cry” and Anitta also received several compliments from Cyrus, who revealed to the public that they are good friends.

“She has one of the biggest hits in the world now. She’s the first Brazilian artist to achieve that. It took a while, but I’m glad it was my friend Anitta”, declared the American singer on stage when commenting on the Brazilian’s achievement in the 1st Spotify global.com place “Envolver” and exalt the proximity with the Brazilian.

Anitta at Miley Cyrus' show at Lollapalooza.  Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

Anitta at Miley Cyrus’ show at Lollapalooza. Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

Luciano Huck and Ashton Kutcher

In the list of Brazilian celebrities with gringo friends, Luciano Huck cannot be left out. His friendship with Ashton Kutcher has been followed by the public since the 2014 World Cup, when the international star accompanied the presenter to matches. He even published a photo with the owner of “Domingão” and was still present at a party at the house of the global.

Even watching matches in stadiums is a program that the pair usually do whenever they meet. Ashton also attended the 2018 Soccer World Cup held in Russia with Huck. Check out Kutcher’s profile picture in Brazil:

Alcione and Axl Rose

Perhaps the most unusual among international friendships, Alcione and Axl Rose, lead singer of the band Guns N’Roses, are a crossover duo. In participation in “Altas Horas”, the singer even commented on the meeting with the artist.

“I didn’t think I would ever meet Axl Rose. I always liked the way he sings (…) One day, leaving Recife, three girls came and said: ‘Can you take a picture with Mr. Axl Rose?’ I said: ‘What??? If I can? I’m crazy about him, I’m a fan of his!'”, he said, revealing that the rocker is also his fan.

“Since then, I’ve sent records to him,” added Alcione, who has already attended a concert by the American band in Rio de Janeiro when invited by the vocalist. Check out one of the duo’s records:

Caetano Veloso and Pedro Almodovar

A great entertainment friendship is that of a movie veteran with a big name in music. Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has a reciprocal relationship of admiration with Caetano Veloso. The Brazilian singer even published a birthday declaration for the director with the duo’s registration in Brazil. “A birthday hug for the great friend and genius Pedro Almodovar, the birthday boy of the day,” he wrote in September 2019.

Fresno and McFly

McFly’s coming to Brazil this year resulted in a musical friendship full of affection, in addition to the incredible relationship that the English band maintained with Brazilian fans. The British musicians were inseparable from the Fresno members and even shared the stage with the group during a concert by the Brazilian rock band in Rio de Janeiro. Check out the meeting log to feel the energy of the partnership:

Tais Araujo and Alfred Enoch

Known for the “Harry Potter” film franchise and the “How to Get Away with Murder” series, starring Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch built a relationship with Brazil that was even more debut than the one he already had by having his Brazilian mother.

He avenged a friendship with none other than Taís Araujo and Lázaro Ramos by starring in “Medida Provisoria”, the first film directed by Lázaro, in which Taís is in the cast. In a photo published on Instagram, the actress even declared her affection for her new friend by wishing a happy birthday to the screen star.

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