7 skincare secrets by Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is known for her extraordinary beauty and charity work. In one of the interviews, the actress revealed the secret of her perfect skin.

7 skincare secrets according to Angelina Jolie

# 1 Always remember to use sunscreen

The actress has always practiced sun protection, which is key to maintaining healthy skin. From an early age, she used sunscreen to protect her skin. She knew that the sun was generally not good for the skin – especially when it comes to pigmentation issues. Moreover, Angelina can also wear hats to protect herself from radiation. Another issue is intense hydration, but again, it’s the sun protection that will stop the skin from aging.

# 2 Find a good dermatologist

Angelina Jolie has had the same dermatologist from the age of 11. While this sounds unbelievable to most of us, it is a sign of not only trust, but also ease of caring for your skin afterwards. A good doctor to guide you through your difficulties is essential.

# 3 Balance in makeup

We all know the rules of makeup – either dark eyes or red lips. Otherwise, it looks redrawn. As the actress herself says: “I don’t want to be addicted to a make-up artist”which is why she does her own makeup. Each of us feels much better when dark circles under the eyes are covered.

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# 4 Surgical Treatments

Although Angelina’s full lips and neat nose tempt many of us to improve ourselves, she herself did nothing at all with those parts of her face. As the actress said in an interview for the Daily Mail, “I’ve never changed anything, and I don’t think I would.” What the actress admits is laser discoloration removal after pregnancy.

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# 5 Minimalism in makeup

Angelina Jolie, like most women, doesn’t just wear makeup if she doesn’t have to. This is another reason why her skin looks so good. Moreover, the actress takes great care that the make-up is thoroughly washed off. The debris that remains in the pores causes the skin to age faster.
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# 6 Simple skincare routine

In fact, none of us need more than a sunscreen, a moisturizer, and a cleansing toner. The same principle is followed by Angelina Jolie, who does not use aggressive treatments. Coarse-grained peeling with a wide composition is not always needed. It is worth noting that enzyme peels work in the same way as traditional peels, but they do not damage the epidermis.

# 7 Find your own definition of beauty

“The people I see as beautiful are those who don’t bend to someone else’s opinion of what is right or beautiful,” said Angelina. “I’ve always been attracted to people who are unique, different and who are just themselves. It makes me a bit sad to see someone who cannot live in their own skin and does not feel comfortable in it. There are many things in society that make people feel this way. “

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