70 doctors and nurses suffering from coronavirus after the Christmas party. The work of the hospital was paralyzed

Nearly 70 people contracted the coronavirus in Málaga, Spain during an event organized to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays. The infected are employees of the local hospital.

About 170 people attended last Wednesday’s Christmas party organized for the staff of the regional hospital in Malaga.

As the Spanish press emphasizes, all participants in the meeting had previously been vaccinated against Covid-19.

After the party anyway nearly 70 doctors and nurses have contracted the coronavirus, working in the intensive care unit. The rest of the participants in the Christmas meeting were isolated.

Their absence paralyzed the work of the hospital where they are employed. Local authorities had to procure meals from other medical facilities in Andalucia.

The regional authorities called on employees of other hospitals and clinics to withdraw from participating in similar events.

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In Spain, by Monday evening, medical services had confirmed 12 cases of Omikron, a new variant of the coronavirus. Half of them concern the popular island of Majorca, in the Balearic archipelago.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, about 5 million 100 thousand people have contracted this coronavirus, 88 thousand patients with Covid-19 have died.

Recently, the epidemic in this country has stabilized due to vaccinations. Spain, with a population of 47 million, is one of the world leaders in terms of taking preparations against Covid-19. More than 89 percent of them have already completed the full vaccination process. citizens over the age of 12.

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