8 actors and actresses who did absurd things for an audition

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It is not enough to be already an established star of the world of cinema to get a fast track to an audition for a new film: sometimes the director, producers or casting directors just want to be sure that the actor And actress are really cut for the part. However, it is not always a question of finding the right alchemy with the colleague of the set or of doing a laborious and uncomfortable costume fitting, no: in the cases we are going to tell you today these performers have been asked for quite absurd things to pass an audition. They know something about it Emma Stone And Nicholas Houltboth put to the test by the Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos for their roles in The Favorite, or Keira Knightleyforced to show a David Cronenberg all his best “sex faces”. She fared even worse at Cara Delevingnewhich to get the part of Enchantress in Suicide Squad she was “forced” to… rediscover a certain animal side, one might say. To discover this and other curiosities, here is our gallery today on 8 actors and actresses who did absurd things for an audition.


If the gallery “From Emma Stone to Cara Delevingne: 8 actors and actresses who did absurd things for an audition you liked it, here you will find others that can do for you:



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